First Smartphone with Native Windows Mobile 7.5 “Mango” Unveiled

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News Posted: Wed, Jul 27 2011 1:12 PM

Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications has unveiled the first smartphone that will ship natively with Microsoft’s upcoming “Mango” build of Windows Phone which was just release to manufacturers a few days ago, also known officially as Windows Phone 7.5.

At events in Tokyo at the KDDI Designing Studio and at the Aichi Prefecture in Nagoya, Japan, the cryptically-named IS12T smartphone was shown off to analysts and the public. The IS12T features a 3.7” multi-touch screen, 13.2 megapixel camera, integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and 32GB of storage. The phone will be available in three colors when it ships in Japan sometime around September—pink, yellow, and black. Perhaps most interesting, the IS12T is also water and dust-proof. Other details, like the phone’s processors, RAM, and price weren’t available.

Microsoft had hoped that Windows Phone would allow the company to more favorably compete with main rivals Google and Apple in the smartphone OS race, but a year after its initial release Microsoft has actually lost market share according to IDC. At about the 0:49 mark of the video above, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer excitedly shouts, “We've gone from very small to--very small, but it’s been a heck of a year!” Continuing on he then says, “And you’re going to see a lot of progress in that market competitively, as we move forward.” Ballmer’s optimism is most likely rooted in the agreement Microsoft and Nokia have entered and the upcoming wave of other Mango-based devices due to ship in the coming months. Despite many positive reviews though, if the initial reception of Windows Mobile is any indicator, Microsoft is in for one heck of an uphill battle.

According to Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 will add approximately 500 improvements to the Windows Phone OS including Internet Explorer 9, an e-mail “conversation view", and a chat-threading feature that integrates text, IM, and Facebook chat messages from single contacts into a single thread. Many of the other improvements to the platform are more obscure, but Paul Thurott at the WinSuperSite does a great job explaining many of them in multiple articles on the site.

Whether or not Mango helps Microsoft gain market share in the smartphone space remains to be seen, but the new version of the OS does sport many obvious improvements and addresses a number of initial concerns. The number of applications available in the Windows Phone Market has also continued to grow. The last remaining piece to the puzzle is hardware—if Microsoft and its partners release some exciting and competitively priced devices in time for the holidays, the smartphone market could be in for some fireworks. We’ll all know soon enough.

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I might have to just on the mango ship when it comes about. Too bad this phone is only in Japan, 13.2mp camera and waterproof? Awesome. They are right though, the phone market is gettign crowded, the newer android phones are super sexy.

Is anyone around here rocking a windows phone???? How do you like it?

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LBowen replied on Wed, Jul 27 2011 1:28 PM

I have no problem with Microsoft throwing their hat into the smartphone game. That being said I would be quite upset if in the middle of a phone call I realize my phone went BSOD.

They will definitely have some customers though as some people I have talked to really want a windows based smartphone and tablet. Thanks to HotHardware as I was able to inform a good number of customers about the Lenovo Windows 7 tablet being released.

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Marco C replied on Wed, Jul 27 2011 1:36 PM

I think this particular phone is pretty butt-ugly, but am eagerly waiting to see what HTC and Nokia do with the OS. I'm not particularly enamored with my Android phone and don't dig iOS. Not sure what I'm going to do...

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JHaug replied on Wed, Jul 27 2011 1:56 PM


I use a Windows Phone 7, the HTC HD7 to be specific. I love it a lot more than my old Android phone. Although the App store still lacks many of the free Apps the Android Market has, it has what you need and plenty of what you don't need as well. The OS is so smooth and has great transitions from switching to the homescreen and selecting an App. Voice command is excellent and the touch screen response is amazing.

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Powerful yes, but it looks like it belongs in the 80's... Another manufacturer going with food names for their OS revisions what does this say for what humans think about the most...

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Not just ugly but butt ugly??? ouch! I take it you dont like the n9 either?

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AKwyn replied on Wed, Jul 27 2011 6:30 PM

Well it's certainly moving in the right direction. Looking ever so nicer by the second and adding more functionality then ever before.

But with all that, I'm still not interested in a Windows Phone... Huh.


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Inspector replied on Wed, Jul 27 2011 10:40 PM

I agree with Marco on this one. First its the colors, then the design itself. Maybe it looks to plain.

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CDeeter replied on Thu, Jul 28 2011 8:07 AM

Bye Bye loser

Nuke this guy.

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"They don't look thet bad at all, though I would choose the black one. The thing is that the Japanese love colorful objects, specially tech, and one thing I know for sure its that they love taking pictures, hence the large megapixel count and photo camera resemblance"


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rapid1 replied on Fri, Jul 29 2011 12:09 AM

I don't know, I actually think it looks pretty close to several smart phones I have seen. So as far as it being ugly well they are phones and or tools, not wall paintings. I agree with Marco really, I like my Sensation of course, but the real reason I went with T-Mobile is either At&t is going to eat them and I get early contract release.

Or if they don't T-mobile will have a lot more operating capital, and they let you upgrade early anyway. On top of that I get a pretty good and agreeable contract where I pay for minimal data, and if I go over my meager allowance I get throttled of course until I get home and plug it to my computer. Then I can download etc as fast as my USB3 port in will allow me to.

I am not really enamored with Android although it is a cool tool to have. I am also not at all enamored of iOS or there market practices. I am not particularly fond of Windows phone either really. The thing is whatever is more functional as well as integrated through out. When Microsoft Win8 comes a calling the general world is going cloud in mass. Yes there is cloud all over the place for the technically adept. Most of the world however is not widely technically adept. Yes they can go to face book but my 4 year old can go to Facebook if she wants. She can even type the address herself and has high scores on games on the internet At 4!

The thing is though most of the population uses it for entertainment only. So this phone is or will be seen as automatically organized with my PC, Office from work (companies will like that), the internet, not to mention everything else in the cloud. I know from the conference I went to as well as the information the Microsoft "Evangelist" gave us unless some major change comes before Win8 hits M$ is about to refinance the mortgage on technology in this world with a much better interest rate. This phone is I think at least one of the keys to that house.

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