Apple Reportedly Working on Ultra-Thin 15-inch MacBook Pro

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News Posted: Wed, Jul 27 2011 12:51 PM
Imagine having the power of a MacBook Pro crammed into a notebook chassis about the size of a MacBook Air. Sounds pretty crummy if you're a Windows die-hard, but for those of you who fancy yourself an Apple fan, such a design would be nothing short of a win. As it turns out, Apple isn't just imaging a razor thin MacBook Pro, the Cupertino outfit is reportedly building one.

That's the chatter coming from MacRumors, who claims a 15-inch ultra-thin MacBook Pro notebook is already in the latest testing stages at Apple. A launch could come as early as the holiday shopping season, and if this isn't all a bunch of wishful thinking, the timing will be a bit odd considering Apple just recently refreshed its MacBook Air and Pro lines with new hardware.

What will be interesting to see is if, as MacRumors suggests, Apple dispenses of the optical drive and runs with an integrated SSD in any future ultra-thin products. The lack of an optical drive would mean Apple's betting big on the cloud, and we suspect it's still a bit too early to go that route.
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This makes sense, I was just reading an article that apple wants to do away with optical drives. They will do away with optical drives and use a slower ssd (Toshiba vs Samsung anyone?) and claim it's the fasting thing ever. Fanboys will flock to the cloud if lord jobs says it's the thing to do.

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"I think they are going to follow what Sony did with the Vaio Z notebook and have a Light Peak , excuse me, a ThunderBolt enabled external GPU for the Ultra Thin Macbook Pro. "


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AKwyn replied on Wed, Jul 27 2011 6:34 PM

If this comes to fruition then I wonder what will happen to the MacBook air. I mean the only reason that product exists is to serve the kind of people who would pay money for a thin-laptop missing out on the fact that the MacBook can do most of the same things for less money. The only thing it has going for it is the thinness since most of it's features are on other Apple laptops now.

Still, I guess this does indicate that the future is very thin laptops and desktops.


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I wonder if they will go with Ivy Bridge or Buldozer APU.

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OSunday replied on Thu, Jul 28 2011 3:03 AM

Why are they creating competition for the Macbook Air... that's practically what a slimmed down Macbook Pro would be...

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