HTC EVO 3D Smartphone Review

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News Posted: Mon, Jul 25 2011 11:56 AM

HTC EVO 3D Smartphone ReviewTouted as America's first glasses-free 3D-capable 4G device, the HTC EVO 3D features a 4.3-inch, qHD (Quarter High Definition) 3D display as well as dual rear-facing cameras, that can capture 3D images and video.

Even if you're not interested in this phone's 3D capabilities though, its specs and horsepower may still be attractive. The EVO 3D runs Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and features a dual-core, 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 4G connectivity capabilities, 4GB of internal memory, and 1GB of RAM. With the combination of a dual-core mobile processor, a high-res screen, and 1GB of RAM, this phone has the power, speed and good looks that are demanded of high-end smartphones today...

HTC EVO 3D Smartphone Review

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I would like to add that not just some, but every piece of bloat ware but Sprint ID can be uninstalled. Since it is a Sprint phone, you would want to keep Sprint ID installed anyway since it lets you review and control your phone account. Why isn't this a "Hot"?

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Reading this review makes me realize how pathetic my Samsung Captivate is.

I was surprised how much faster 4G was on this new device compared to the EVO 4G. I thought 4G was 4G perhaps they have tapped into some more bandwidth with these new phones. The only con I see with this phone is that weight. You will feel notice lugging this around in your pocket or purse.

At any rate this was a great enjoyable review Jennifer.

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acarzt replied on Mon, Jul 25 2011 6:44 PM

When you guys ran the battery tests, did you have 4G enabled?

My fiance get's pretty terrible battery life with hers lol but she leaves EVERYTHING enabled all day. I showed her how to turn stuff off, but she just leaves it all on anyway lol

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notryan replied on Mon, Jul 25 2011 7:10 PM

Would be interested to see how the battery life is after rooting and installing SetCPU to under/overclock.


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LBowen replied on Tue, Jul 26 2011 3:08 AM

That is a very powerful phone and even though the 3D doesn't captivate me, if I had not upgraded my phone earlier this year I would have considered this if the price was right. Solid review and easy to read benchmarks as always.

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AKwyn replied on Tue, Jul 26 2011 11:38 AM

My god, that is powerful as hell... It actually make me want to have it in my hands.

Even though I love 3D to the death, I don't know if it'll hold up on a phone. That blurry 3D comment is making me doubt if I'll ever consider using the 3D function on their phone.

Anyways, they're right when they say that Sprint and HTC have a winner on their hands.


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acarzt - I did not have 4G enabled while I was running the battery test.

InfinityzeN1 - it probably should be a HOT - definitely a really good move from Sprint & HTC in my opinion. However, there are a few apps that I wasn't able to uninstall (Amazon MP3, etc).

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realneil replied on Tue, Jul 26 2011 4:27 PM

I showed her how to turn stuff off, but she just leaves it all on anyway lol

Sounds as if she has a tech guy to keep all of her stuff running,........Smile

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RoyRoebuck replied on Mon, Apr 15 2013 12:11 PM

I have used the HTC 3D since its release by Sprint. I have been a smartphone user with Sprint since the late 90's. The HTC 3D is my first Android phone. I use it as my mobile office. I work in the area of managemennt consulting and technology evaluation.

The features and power of the HTC 3D are superior. I had little use for te 3D, having bought the device for its CPU/ROM/RAM/SD capacities. The device and software worked flawlessly, until the hardward would start to fault.

I have now sent off for my fourth replacement handset for this model. Most of the faults related to the touchscreen, but other faults included cracked cases and failing power/data port.

I will replace this device with the HTC One when availa, giving HTC one more chance. If not sufficient, I'll switch to the latest Samsung powerhouse.

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