Splashtop Brings Remote Access Luxuries To Windows PCs

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News Posted: Tue, Jul 19 2011 7:12 AM
Remote access is a beautiful thing, and Splashtop has been enabling it for a long time. Today, the company has announced the release of its Splashtop Remote Desktop for Windows that will enable PC-to-PC and PC-to-Mac remote access from a private network or across the Internet, free of charge. SplashTop currently enables millions of iOS and Android mobile devices to remotely access PCs and Macs with true HD video and full audio, and with the addition of Windows PC support, will largely have this market on a string.

Splashtop Remote Desktop eliminates the need to transfer, convert or sync files and multimedia among devices. Important work files and office applications, such as Outlook, PowerPoint, Keynote, Excel and Word, are easily accessed. Content for personal entertainment, including movies, music, photos and even 3D games, can also be viewed remotely. Simply go anywhere with your mobile device, smartphone, tablet, notebook or ultrabook, and still have full access to your PC or Mac with a Splashtop Streamer installed.

The download is available now for those looking to finally touch base with their at-home PC files while on the road.
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This seems really cool especially since it works on so many different operating systems. Of course I typically use teamviewer which pretty much does the same thing. I guess the truly awesome thing that this offers is that you get the full quality of the video and audio.

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Inspector replied on Wed, Jul 20 2011 10:31 PM

Pretty neat, although when i first tried it on my iphone it wasn't the best remote access. Willing to give it another try on my computer to computer i guess :)

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