Kinect's New Trick To Be In The Operating Room?

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News Posted: Mon, Jul 18 2011 11:40 AM
The next proving ground for Microsoft's Kinect? It might not be where you expect. After taking over the living room and exciting gamers across the world, the Kinect has made the move to all sorts of other categories. Everything from making music videos to PC-based hacks have been seen, but for the most part, nothing on a professional level has surfaced. That's all changing now, as the Kinect slides over into the operating room. Doctor's at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Toronto, Canada are hoping that the Kinect could soon help them out during sophisticated surgeries.

Basically, they're looking to get real-time data feedback without using a mouse; with Kinect, you could simply use it to react to body movements. The goal is to enable doctors to review CT scans while in the surgery room, and since their hands wouldn't ever touch anything (they'd just wave around in front of the Kinect), things would remain sterile. It's not easy to tell if this idea will go viral across hospitals, but it doesn't seem too far-fetched; it's a rather cheap piece of equipment, and anything to make it easier on doctors...well, sounds like a winner to us.

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fat78 replied on Mon, Jul 18 2011 4:09 PM

Thats pretty cool and a simple way of using microsoft's kinect.

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That is a really cool hack of the Kinect and really cheap in terms of what a typical medical device would cost. What I am wondering though is if some medical company will license their technology and make a rugged version. I would hate for something like this to fail while a surgery was going on

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Inspector replied on Tue, Jul 19 2011 12:21 AM

Thats a pretty neat feature to have. And very clever for the one that came up with the idea.There are many uses for the Kinect.

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JStewart replied on Tue, Jul 19 2011 9:15 AM

Indeed. If only gaming was one of them, lol.

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Great Kinect hack if you ask me. It looks like this medical image control program I saw. We all know doctors and nurses usually have their hands full especially during surgeries. Having programs such as these without the need to remove the surgical gloves for faster and more efficient diagnosis will definitely save lives!

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