Panasonic Opens Up VIERA Connect Program To Develop For TVs

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News Posted: Thu, Jul 7 2011 10:00 AM
Well, there's an app store for just about every major mobile platform out there, so why not an app store for televisions? It's actually a segment of the market that has been lacking for some time; there are TV app stores, but who is developing for them? In a bold effort to get their name out there and potentially entice developers to share their skills, Panasonic has launched a developer portal for their VIERA Connect platform. It's a public web portal that's designed to invite IPTV application developers to write applications for its VIERA Connect cloud-based TV service. The new portal allows developers to take advantage of quick response and rich multimedia HD expression capabilities of its VIERA Connect platform. Applications built for the platform can be deployed in VIERA Connect, which has become available worldwide from this spring.

We're anxious to see what happens once this catches on, and if other television makers will join on. VIERA Connect is currently in around 100 countries worldwide, and if development starts booming, it might just be your next TV.
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HHGrrl replied on Fri, Jul 8 2011 5:31 PM

Although I like the idea of apps on my TV and having things connected in this way, I have to think that it would be beneficial for a standard to develop. Surely developers are getting tired of having to develop / port applications from one platform to another?

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