appMobi's Conversion Tool Relies on Swiffy, Changes Flash To HTML5

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News Posted: Wed, Jun 29 2011 11:18 PM
Ah, the Flash vs. Apple battle continues. Despite the fact that Adobe's CEO recently stated that the war between the two mega-companies is over, well, we just aren't sure. The iPad 2 still can't play back Flash videos, and Flash isn't exactly dying anytime soon. Today, appMobi is stepping up to bridge the gap somewhat. It's utilizing a new tool from Google (Swiffy), which is meant to transform Flash SWF files to HTML5. appMobi is called an HTML5 development house, and they're introducing a utility that allows developers to convert Flash assets to native iOS applications. Sounds like a dream come true, huh?

Here’s how it works: input a flash product into SWIFFY and SWIFFY outputs HTML5. Then use appFlash to take a product from HTML5 to a native iOS app.  Users can view the converted HTML 5 with the appMobi XDK software and can even test the HTML5 on their iOS device using appMobi’s AppLab. appFlash was the brainchild of appMobi CTO Sam Abadir who had this to say about the 24-hour project, “We saw what GoogleLabs created with SWIFFY and thought it would be an interesting experiment to hook it up to our cloud-based app build services, providing a very streamlined way to get Flash assets onto the iOS platform. In our initial testing, we found some counter-intuitive quirks, for example SWIFFY’s HTML5 output does not work on Android devices. So for now, we’re not offering Android builds on this experiment, but as soon as SWIFFY is ready for Android, we’ll make it available.”

Hmm, maybe a bridge is being built now that the smoke is settling down?
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This is certainly cool, and tools like this will allow for flash to die quicker. HTML 5 is ready to go and the only thing stopping many developers is the existing flash content they already have.

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HHGrrl replied on Thu, Jun 30 2011 4:31 PM

If this can really make Flash content available to iOS devices, the company should have a big hit on their hands. I know a lot of iOS users who would like to have the Flash barrier removed.

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