Hackers Target Sega Pass, Steal Customer Data

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News Posted: Sat, Jun 18 2011 2:53 PM
Another game company has fallen victim to a hacker attack, just another in a long list of security breaches the last couple of months. This time it was Sonic the Hedgehog's stomping ground -- Sega -- that was pushed around by cyberbullies, who let themselves in uninvited and helped themselves to customer data.

According to an email sent to Sega Pass users and reprinted by PlayStation Lifestyle, the online bandits stole personal information pertaining to members email addresses, dates of birth, and encrypted passwords. The damage could have been worse, as Sony insists that "no personal payment information was stored by Sega as we use external payment providers, meaning your payment details were not at risk from this intrusion."

In response to the attack, Sega said it reset all passwords and temporarily suspended all access to Sega Pass, "therefore please do not attempt to login to Sega Pass at present, we will communicate when the service becomes available."

It's unclear who or which organization is behind the latest attack, though if the recent trend holds up, Anonymous or LulzSec will eventually step forward and take credit. These two underground organizations have been on a hacking frenzy of late, targeting everyone from game companies to the U.S. Senate.
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"You know what, It doesn't matter who did it or who gets targeted next, this just shows hows vulnerable,how lame or how lazy can major websites security can be. I'll just sit back and watch , with some popcorn as website after website keep falling. The only one that would make a blockbuster hit take-down would be Facebook."


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I would suspect LulzSec they seem like they are on a crazy streak of hacking game companies. I would not be surprised if they go after Blizzard's WoW servers at some point. I hope they get caught soon and that companies learn to secure their servers better. It is one thing to hack for fun it is another to steal data and potentially destroy peoples lives.

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rrplay replied on Sun, Jun 19 2011 9:41 AM

Hope that the partys responsible are soon caught, the 15 minutes of fame is brought to end & are made accountable If anything many servers are more secure and many have changed pwds updated credit info etc.For those that suffered denials of credit & loans elsewhere and have experienced the headaches involved ,

those are not just 'inconvenient'..in this digital age    .those incidents can be life changing.

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Alright, anyone know where I can sign up to help counter these guys? I would love to see LulzSuc go down, and even more to help put them down.

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I would love it if these two "organizations" would take down organized crime syndicates, illegal drug empires, gun smugglers, human traffickers, and the such.

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