Origin PC Reveals Chronos Small Form Factor Gaming Desktop

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News Posted: Sun, May 29 2011 6:04 PM
Gaming desktops, by and large, are large. Ahem, or should we say, "towering?" Either way, the bulk of hardcore gaming desktops on the market today ship in massive cases, with plenty of room for extra PCIe cards, hard drives, and pretty much anything else you'd want to toss in there. But small form factor systems have a place in all of this as well, as shown by companies such as Shuttle. Origin PC is a company that started with just a towering desktop option, but as business has progressed, they've seen fit to reveal an SFF box as well.

This week, they're introducing the Chronos, a smaller system that touts Intel's 2nd-gen Core processors, a smaller-than-average footprint (great for studio apartments or college dorm rooms), a slew of customization options, support for a full-length GPU, cable management support, room for two graphics card and 16GB of memory, and an optional SSD. The rig supports MicroATX and MiniATX mainboards, and while it's hardly "small," it's about as small as it could be without sacrificing functionality.

You can buy one with an overclock 4.7GHz CPU, NVIDIA / ATI SLI configurations, etc., but the starting price sits at just $966, and it can be ordered now.
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rrplay replied on Mon, May 30 2011 9:00 PM

Sure looks like Origin is able to pack quite a bit of punch in some of these smaller Silverstone chassis. Looks like a place to get some ideas to roll your own if so inclined as well.

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I love this case except for the slim dvd drive and the hard drive area. Looks like another great origin machine.

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Smart marketing move by Origin PC.  Apparently, a strong market exists for such a "small" system.  Believe me, I've been in some really small dorm rooms and a smaller case would make a difference in just walking and moving around.  Can you imagine a dorm room with roommates?  :)

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