Origin PC Teams With Complexity Gaming

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News Posted: Thu, May 5 2011 12:34 AM
Partners. What would life be without them? Not something we really want to find out, to be honest. Partnerships in the consumer electronics world are becoming more and more common, but we can't say that we expected Origin PC to be locking down one so early in the company's life. The custom PC builder has just teamed with Complexity Gaming, one of the world's most prolific professional gaming organizations, and they're obviously marketing towards the hardcore gaming crowd.

The partnership means that Origin will become the Official Gaming PC of Complexity Gaming and will be working with Complexity’s professional video game players to create and "perfect" their line of PCs. It's unclear if a dedicated Complexity line of machines will be produced from this, nor if they'll be put on sale, but we're certainly hopeful. Alienware could use the competition, after all.

ORIGIN PC and Complexity Gaming Launch Strategic Partnership

Miami, FL – May 4, 2011 – ORIGIN PC –award winning custom PC manufacturer- and Complexity Gaming – one of the world’s most prolific professional gaming organizations – have announced a new partnership geared towards the hard core gaming community.

ORIGIN has become the “Official Gaming PC” of Complexity Gaming and will be working with Complexity’s professional video game players to continually create and perfect its line of gaming computers.  Complexity Gaming will be using ORIGIN PCs to hone their skills and practice competitive PC gaming in their quest for more world championships.

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with ORIGIN.  Complexity chooses to train and play on ORIGIN gaming PCs because their performance is incredibly fast and smooth, even at full resolution.  We can always rely on their knowledgeable and friendly support staff.  You can tell they have real gamers and enthusiasts building and designing their gaming rigs,” said Jason Lake, CEO of Complexity Gaming.

“ORIGIN is thrilled that the Complexity Gaming team has chosen to train and play on our high-performance gaming systems.  The Complexity Gaming team is well respected, competing worldwide in titles such as World of Warcraft, Counterstrike, and Starcraft 2 just to name a few.  We are proud to partner with a organization that is focused on winning and professionalism,” said Kevin Wasielewski, CEO of ORIGIN PC. 
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orgin was alienware (now owned by dell) orgin would have to be the better pc we talk alot about maingear around here to that orgin is no slouch very nice sys.

the same guys who were alienware teamed up to bring you orgin pc's have no dought they were the right choice

if you haven't seen the orgin sys, you should (be ready to spend some $$$$)

http://originpc.com/index.asp check out the BIG O

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CDeeter replied on Thu, May 5 2011 10:52 AM

Dang that must be one expensive wooden crate. Their cheapest model is $1500 made from nothing special parts.

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Really nice looking machines. I am glad the Alienware guys are still out there doing what they do best. Building some hardcore systems.

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fat78 replied on Thu, May 5 2011 11:09 PM

Origin makes some insane rigs and it would be sick to have one of their laptops as the next contest prize.

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