Lenovo LePad Goes On Sale In China, Elsewhere In June

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News Posted: Thu, Mar 31 2011 10:51 AM
Well, the time has come. Lenovo has just launched the LePad in China, and now only time will tell if such a crazily designed device will do well or fade into the background. We suspect that it'll prove quite popular actually, but only wish it were making a quicker trip to America. Lenovo's obviously based in China, so it's not uncommon for some of their devices to sell first in the homeland.

The LePad is an Android-based tablet that was launched on Monday in an exclusive Chinese media-only event, and while no one is publicly saying that this is Lenovo's attack on the iPad, it's pretty clear that the company doesn't want to lose out on the tablet bandwagon. The company is still planning to sell the LePad outside of China by June, but specifics weren't given.

The LePad launch is significant in a lot of ways. For one, it's a crazy new product design, but also, it's the first product to be launched by this particular segment of the company. Will people flock to Lenovo's 10.1" spectacle? Or will they lean towards iPad, the PlayBook, Flyer, or one of the many other rivals out there? 
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uhhh doubt it...cool concept, but honestly i heard the thing will cost a pretty penny and the hardware really isnt that impressive. But, moving forward, i think it could have an awesome future with an upcoming fusion processor...next itteration of the E-350 maybe? Who knows...

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rapid1 replied on Fri, Apr 1 2011 1:34 AM

This thing is actually a cool idea I think. If it is expensive thats kind of ridiculous really though. Yes it is cool, but come one the display on a laptop is just snap in anyway. This is like a Xoom without a phone the base is a keyboard basically with the connection for the display to it. It is nice as an idea, and of course new so maybe a little money, but really expensive I don't think so. pwrntspd your mention of the E-350 as a CPU/GPU is actually a great idea. There energy usage is so low, but there performance is good from everything I've heard that would be great in a build like this.

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Cool idea and Lenovo products tend to be "Sexy". It would seem that these product designs are becoming common at this point. Dell has a laptop with a reversible screen so you can use it as a tablet or a laptop, Lenovo's attempt at the product and of course the Asus Eee-pc tablet with keyboard dock.

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I don't know does this pc come with China's "green dam", lol. Nonetheless, cool idea. I believe it would use the tablet hardware when detached and switch to the pc's hardware when docked. This could justify the increased cost because you are essentialy purchasing two devices.

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