TomTom Intros PRO 7150, PRO 9150 and PRO 7150 TRUCK Navigators

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News Posted: Tue, Mar 29 2011 1:50 PM
In need of a new GPS? Everyone needs to get where they're going, and TomTom is out to help. The company has just introduced three new units today, all of which carry 5" panels and plenty of businesses who are considering rolling out a fleet of navigation devices. The TomTom PRO 7150, PRO 9150 and PRO 7150 TRUCK are all available today, and include the new WORKsmart functionality (which contains mileage registration, time registration, job status reports and more).

Each of these also includes IQ Routes (for smarter routing to destinations), ECO routes (for better fuel savings), Advanced Lane Guidance, text-to-speech and Hands-free calling. If you plan on traveling internationally, there's also maps for 45 European countries, not to mention support for LIVE Services including HD Traffic. The PRO 7150 TRUCK additionally has a truck-specific routing algorithm and height, width and weight restrictions on the map for 15 European countries.

The PRO 7150, 9150 and 7150 TRUCK are currently available via select partners, with pricing ranging from 359 euro to 429 euro.
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It's about time that someone starts producing a device that caters to a truckers needs. You would not believe the amount of times that trucks end up on a highway where I live that is off limits to commercial traffic due to bridge heights because they are following a GPS and not paying enough attention to the signs.

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rapid1 replied on Wed, Mar 30 2011 2:12 PM

Yeah omegadraco that is true, but as far as GPS use, development, and features commercially, this is what they were initially released for. Truckers, and Taxi cabs as well as all commercial vehicles is what they were made for on a consumer, business end. ( )   Truckers that end up on your road must be with smaller companies or owner operators that have not invested the money to get one of these type of devices I would imagine. The features on it are really nice all around it seems. A 5" display as well as the better display technology in these Tomtoms is very nice.

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HHGrrl replied on Wed, Mar 30 2011 9:53 PM

I don't get why more companies don't invest in GPS units for their employees. Sure, there's an upfront cost, but there's also a ton of added benefits. Of course, you still have to use some common sense and read signs as omegadraco pointed out!

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