Disco, The Group Texting Application, Now Available For iPhone

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News Posted: Mon, Mar 28 2011 7:50 PM
What's this? A new Google application, but for Android? No? For iPhone? It's a pretty crazy thing to understand, so hang with us here. A couple of years back, Google acquired a company by the name of Slide, and before this week, there had really been no mention of how the company would be sliding into Google's grand plan. But now, it seems the company has quite a bit to do with mobile applications, and Disco looks to be the first launch from them.

Disco will be launching initially as an iOS application, which is certainly ironic. A Google subsidiary launching an app for a rival platform before Android? Definitely odd. But it's possible that Slide had already invested heavily in iOS development, and given the huge user base, Google still stands to gain some serious market share here. No need to hold grudges when you can appeal to multiple platforms, right?

Disco is a group texting service that basically allows multiple users to text around to one another. Think of it like a group Twitter account, where only a select group of people receive the messages. But of course, instead of Tweets, these are texts. You can currently register for a Disco group texting number in order to get things started, and if you have a school project or a group of colleagues you need to frequently contact as a group, this looks like a solid option.

The app itself is for iPhone, but it's important to note that anyone can take advantage so long as they register and have a text-capable phone. Early reports on the app itself indicate that things are crashing pretty regularly, but you can always just sign up on the website itself. Something tells us it's only a matter of time before all of this group communication / social networking is wrapping into a single, overriding service...

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DScheive replied on Tue, Mar 29 2011 3:58 AM

wow really? apple is getting the good stuff fom google before its own OS? lol thats some BS :)

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rapid1 replied on Tue, Mar 29 2011 12:55 PM

Yes and no I would think really. Android will get it eventually I am sure, and if the company was primarily focused on this specific development path well there is no reason to stray from it. That would just slow things down, but what I find interesting here especially if this becomes a popular iPhone app is that the users will be doing it through Google.

Up until now not only has Apple tried to directly differentiate themselves from Google Steve Jobs has stated negative comments towards them in his conference appearances (IE: Android is for porn etc.). To add to this Apple has directly gone into search competition with Google as well or has tried to. While I don't know there success ratio with that it would seem to me that this is a Trojan horse attempt at least to a degree.

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Inspector replied on Tue, Mar 29 2011 3:30 PM

download and trying right now :D. Rating isn't so good on the app as of now xD, everyone is saying they can't activate it. Well it did work for me :D

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