Zune Hardware to End, But Software May Continue

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News Posted: Mon, Mar 14 2011 8:46 PM
She's dead, Jim. According to a report in SAI, Microsoft has decided to kill off the Zune music player.  To be clear, the company will continue to sell existing models. It will not, however, be developing new ones.

The original source of the information was Dina Bass, Bloomberg News Tech Reporter. In two Tweets, she said first that Microsoft would eschew any further hardware development on Zunes, but also that Microsoft would take the Zune software and on the Zune software that's used on Windows Phones, Xbox and other devices.

Zune was to be Microsoft's answer to the iPod.  However, it never took off, despite some respect for its software performance.  The ecosystem around iPod, iTunes and later, the App Store, was too much for Microsoft to overcome after it allowed Apple its huge lead.

Farewell (soon?), Zune.
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coolice replied on Tue, Mar 15 2011 8:24 AM

Meh, this has been in the rumour-mill forever. it was only a matter of time. Sad though, the ZuneHD never made it to Canada.

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DScheive replied on Tue, Mar 22 2011 12:34 PM

kinda BS! i bought my zune and expected it to start kicking the ipod's a**... but i guess apples just top dog :)

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OSunday replied on Wed, Mar 23 2011 5:53 AM



Why do people buy apples MP3 playing chunk of plastic over Microsofts MP3 playing chunk of plastic?
This little vid from college humor explains it all :) 

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