iPhone 4 Still Has Trouble Telling Time

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News Posted: Mon, Mar 14 2011 12:39 PM
The iPhone 4 can make phone calls. It can track your location and upload that information to your favorite social networking site for all your family and friends to see. It can start your car remotely, fire off emails, play music and movies, and take pictures, to name just a few of things it's capable of. But when it comes to keeping tracking of time changes, well, let's just say that Apple's flagship smartphone has a tendency to have dumbphone moments.

Daylight Savings took place over the weekend and, depending on where you live, you were supposed to set your clocks forward an hour. And once again, Apple iPhone users are complaining that their mobile device didn't keep track of the time change. According to an AP report, one user missed Sunday church as a result, while another *gasp* nearly missed yoga class.

A glitch in the iPhone 4 caused some of the devices to roll back an hour instead of springing forward like it was supposed to. So instead of being just one hour off, affected devices were two hours behind the time. That's bad news if you rely on your iPhone's alarm to wake you up in the morning, though at least it took place over the weekend.

Were you affected by the glitch?
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Drago replied on Mon, Mar 14 2011 9:35 PM


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My thoughts exactly! Ha!

Now you're just mashing it!

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DScheive replied on Thu, Mar 24 2011 6:08 AM

apple is an evil corporation thats going to cause the eaths ultimate downfall, one hour at a time :D

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