ePhoneTracker: the Software Elin Needed for Tiger's Phone

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News Posted: Mon, Feb 28 2011 10:08 PM
If you have a Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iOS, or Android smartphone, your phone even now could be infected with spyware. However, it might be spyware that your significant other or spouse intentionally installed on your phone.

The software is ePhoneTracker. Released last week, ePhoneTracker allows users to monitor everything one on an "infected" smartphone, including the following:
  • Every text message sent and received, including the full text ... even if the phone's logs are deleted.
  • All incoming and outgoing call numbers along with duration and time.
  • GPS positions captured at an variable rate, including a link to a map.
  • All contacts in the phone's Contacts list.
  • All websites visited using the web browser.
  • All inbound and outbound emails from the primary email account.

In addition, the software allows an end user to call the phone and listen to the surroundings. It's precisely the type of software Elin Nordegren needed in order to keep tabs on Tiger Woods.  However, ePhoneTracker has a huge list of legal caveats, and one has to wonder, reading them, if most users meet these requirements. They say:
Legal Terms and Policies

By purchasing ePhoneTracker you affirm and agree to all terms on this page.

It can be a federal and state offense to install surveillance software onto a phone which you do not have proper authorization in your region You are responsible for following all laws in your area.

We absolutely do not condone the use of our software for illegal purposes.

In order to purchase our software you MUST agree to the following conditions.

1. You acknowledge and agree that you own the mobile phone you will install the software onto OR that you have the expressed written consent of the owner to be an authorized administrator of the phone and its users.

2. If you install our software onto a phone which you do not own or have proper consent, we will cooperate with law officials to the fullest extent possible. This includes turning over requested customer data, and any other purchase/product related information.

3. You agree that you will check all local, state and federal laws to make sure you are complying with all laws in your region. It may be illegal in your region to monitor other individuals on your own device.

4. You agree to the conditions in our EULA (End-User License Agreement) below. This includes the fact that we are not liable for any type of damage, litigation, or legal predicaments that may arise due to use or abuse of ePhoneTracker or any other product.
The software costs $49.97 annually, and reportedly, it used to be called SpouseSpy. All the support documents found on the site seem to have the term in them.
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Even if you own the phone in question, if it is password protected several states will still charge you. There have been several cases of a spouse breaking into the others email/facebook/myspace/etc, finding evidence, getting a divorce, then ending up in court and jail.

Leon Walker is the most recent case.  I love this line by the prosecutor...
     "The guy's a hacker," Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper told the Free Press. "[The email account] was password protected, he had wonderful skills, and was highly trained. Then he downloaded them and used them in a very contentious way," Cooper is quoted as saying.
Just to help you understand how stupid Jessica Cooper is, the accounts password was in a book next to the laptop.  Such mad hakzer skillz to go to gmail on a shared laptop and type in the password writen down right next to the laptop.

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coolice replied on Tue, Mar 1 2011 11:05 AM

Wow.... i cant believe that really happened! Jessica Cooper, sounds like the prosecutor from hell, exaggerating everything

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rapid1 replied on Tue, Mar 1 2011 11:16 AM

Yeah; but coolice is that not what lawyers are basically hired for, and or used for. Whoever lie's the best, and does it professionally also always has very well paying work. I know some people don't see it that way, but in many cases in today's legal world that is how it is. Some of these cases are just ridiculous. Hacking requires way more work than looking in the notebook next to a computer. However; as far as it goes Windows, and iOS save all your passwords as well you just have to know where to look to find it, or tell it not to do it so that it does not save that info.

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CDeeter replied on Tue, Mar 1 2011 12:00 PM

LOL I can see parents using this to monitor their kids usage and to make sure little Jonny is really over at the Smith's and not at some party.

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Glad I have no life or wife.

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chriszeh replied on Wed, Jun 27 2012 12:12 PM

I decided to actually try the software, and it does work, but at the same time I didn't feel nice about trying it, even if its just on my second phone... I felt like a creep.. I wrote a review about it here. http://www.squidoo.com/ephonetracker-review

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