Maingear Reveals Desktops With Intel's Core i7 990X Extreme CPU

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News Posted: Tue, Feb 15 2011 1:50 PM
New CPUs usually mean a couple of things. For one, it means that your current CPU just got a little older, but the other thing is this: it means more options from those looking to buy a new PC now. Maingear is a pre-fab PC maker that seems to always be on the ball when it comes to updating their lineup after Intel and AMD introduce new chips. This week, the company announced that Intel's new Core i7 990X Extreme Edition processor would be Intel's latest chip to ship in their high-end gaming rigs, confirming that Intel really has pushed the limits again when it comes to the CPU.

It's a 3.46GHz hyper-threaded CPU, able to run 12 threads in parallel and available in the SHIFT PC. Maingear will overclock it to 4.5GHz on select systems, and pair it with NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 580 (3-way SLI is supported) and gobs of memory. The new CPU will be available in the SHIFT, F131, VYBE and X-CUBE, and you can get your order going now if you have the needed cash.


Kenilworth, New Jersey – February, 14, 2011 – MAINGEAR, an award-winning PC system builder offering custom desktops, notebooks, workstations and media centers, updates their desktop configuration options with the new Intel Core i7 990X extreme processor that pushes the boundaries of performance.

The Intel’s Core™ i7 990X Extreme Edition six core processor offers enthusiasts the ability to run up to an astonishing hyperthreaded 3.46GHz , 12 threads in parallel enabling your PC to execute multiple CPU intensive tasks at once. A MAINGEAR SHIFT packed with the new Intel’s Core™ i7 990X Extreme Edition processor with over clock speeds over 4.5GHz on select systems combined with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580, 3-way SLI, users can not only take on today’s most complex and immersive games bringing 3D gaming to life but it’s also powerful enough to take digital content creation to a whole new level where creative professionals can enjoy faster video transcoding and image rendering. Whether you’re a serious multitasker or a multimedia enthusiast, MAINGEAR knows performance matters.

MAINGEAR offers the new Intel® Core™ 990x processor all desktops including the SHIFT, F131, VYBE and X-CUBE. Customers can select the SUPER STOCK 6 option which offers six-core solutions and unique SUPER STOCK options such as MAINGEAR Redline™ overclocking , no-dye liquidX cooling , custom automotive paint and interior lighting to highlight the muscle behind the machine.

“The new Intel core i7 990x is a great addition to the MAINGEAR lineup,” said Wallace Santos, CEO and founder of MAINGEAR. “Partnering up with Intel to be one of the first system builders to offer up this new processor really shows that MAINGEAR truly offers the best pc experience money can buy.”

All of MAINGEAR products are supported with lifetime labor and phone support with one to three year hardware warranty. For more information about MAINGEAR's desktops with the Intel® Core™ i7 990x Extreme Edition processor.
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Desktops with 990x start at $4,000....

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coolice replied on Wed, Feb 16 2011 1:16 AM

I like the idea of top mounting...... even the gpu's then seem well ventilated... hot air rising and everything.

Also, interesting, the hard drives go in perpendicular to the case... i wonder if that decreases the reliability of the hdd. I remember reading this article about hard drive placement while functioning, and how it affects longevity.

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Yeah, I would love have this desktop like MAINGEAR with Intel i7 Extreme Edition 990X. It will be perfect for serious game and etc. my vote on i7 990X !

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While I would love to have the 990x and all six cores of goodness, $1000 for a chip is not justifiable anymore when we just got spoiled with the 2600k and its super immense overclock @ 4.7 to 5.2ghz for 330 bucks. That leaves plenty of cash for that beefy video card and SSD. But hey If you got the cash, why wouldn't you go for it. But Im hearing that the 990x is hitting higher clocks than the 4.5 offered here, and is staying as cool as sandy bridge?? I'm eagerly waiting for the reviews.

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Hi coolice - the perpendicular orientation does not affect performance or reliability. As long as it's in a fixed position and not moving, you won't have a problem.

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AKwyn replied on Wed, Feb 16 2011 7:34 PM

Eh. The 990X I feel is overrated. If it had extra cache, sure. But you can get a 980X if it's cheaper and overclock that to make it match a 990X.

Still, Maingear is doing something new with the top venting stuff. The only time I have ever seen that is when people build Oil-PC's (PC's where they use mineral oil as a cooling substance, supposedly cools well and it's also non-conductive with electricity.) Surely being top-vented will bring out a specific advantage...


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