NewerTech's New Adapter Turns eSATA Into USB 3.0

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News Posted: Mon, Jan 31 2011 4:20 PM
With USB 3.0 becoming the port of choice for many new notebooks and desktops, many accessory companies are now looking to provide peripherals that convert other formats to USB 3.0. It's a fight for compatibility, and NewerTech is now introducing a new adapter that makes any eSATA hard drives compatible with USB 3.0. The idea is simple: if you have an eSATA storage device, but you'd rather use it via USB 3.0, this adapter will make it happen for $29.95.

It offers performance of up to 247MB/s reads and 206.4MB/s writes for the fastest data transfer rates available with external data storage/backup. It's being introduced at MacWorld, and is immediately available for consumers. The only catch is that you'll need a Mac with OS X 10.28 or later (or a Windows machine using Win2K or newer), but if you're reading this now, you're probably okay.

    NewerTech Announces Plug And Play eSATA To USB 3.0 Adapter For SuperSpeed Data Transfer At Macworld 2011

    Newer Technology, Inc. announced today the NewerTech eSATA to USB 3.0 Adapter for using an eSATA interfaced equipped external hard drive with computers offering the 'SuperSpeed' USB 3.0 interface. The $29.95 MSRP adapter offers benchmark proven performance of up to 247MB/s reads and 206.4MB/s writes for the fastest data transfer rates available with external data storage/backup. NewerTech's exclusive distributor, Other World Computing (OWC) will be demonstrating the new NewerTech eSATA to USB 3.0 Adapter and other NewerTech high performance, yet Plug and Play upgrades and accessories in booth #513 at the Macworld Expo, which begins today in San Francisco, California.

    Up To 6X Faster Than Typical Interfaces
    The NewerTech eSATA to USB 3.0 Adapter offers benchmark proven 247.0MB/s reads and 206.4MB/s writes for up to 6X faster data transfer rates than other interfaces offered on external data storage/backup solutions. For comparison, the fastest commonly found interface on Macintosh computers, FireWire 800, offers 81.8MB/s reads and 78.6MB/s writes. Even slower is the commonly found USB 2.0 interface on PCs with 38.4MB/s reads and 32.2MB/s writes.

    The NewerTech eSATA to USB 3.0 Adapter is available immediately from NewerTech's exclusive distributor, Other World Computing (OWC®), as well as through the retail channel, and comes with a one year NewerTech warranty. It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.2.8 and later and with Windows 2000 and later PCs.

    High Speed Data Transfers As Easy As 1-2-3
    Using the NewerTech eSATA to USB 3.0 Adapter with an eSATA interface equipped external drive to take advantage of high-bandwidth 'SuperSpeed' USB 3.0 performance is an easy three step process:

    1. Power on the eSATA equipped external drive.

    2. Connect the NewerTech eSATA to USB 3.0 Adapter to an external drive via a standard eSATA cable.

    3. Connect the NewerTech eSATA to USB 3.0 Adapter to the USB 3.0 port on the computer via included USB 3.0 cable.

    Product Features:
    Supports SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0) data rate up to 5Gb/s.
    Supports 2.5″ and 3.5″ eSATA hard disk drives and SSDs.
    Plug and Play, no software or driver installation.
    Backward compatible with previous versions of USB 2.0/1.1.
    Backward compatible with previous versions of eSATA devices (1.5Gb/s).
    Compliant with Serial ATA Specification Revision 2.6.
    Supports Hot-Swap.
    Dimensions: 2.25″ D x 2.5″ W x .75″ H (57.3mm x 64.2mm x 19mm)
    Weight: 1.0oz (28.35g)

    "This Plug and Play adapter lets owners of USB 3.0 equipped computers experience the full performance potential of their eSATA interface equipped external drive," said Grant Dahlke, Brand Manager, Newer Technology, Inc. "While simple and affordable, this solution helps delivers up to 6 times faster data rate performance than the commonly found USB 2.0 interface."
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rapid1 replied on Tue, Feb 1 2011 12:04 PM

As far as USB 3.0 goes compared to USB 2.0 it is exceptionally faster for data transfer for sure. I have 2 USB 3.0 ports on my motherboard, and transferred the same media (Pictures) on my PC and Sarah's PC (her's has USB 2.0), and the speed difference was substantial. I transferred the media to my PC in a couple of seconds, and hers took about 30 minutes from what I remember. The one thing which really strikes me with this is on a newer mother board you have a several unused (unless your running sata3 raid) sata ports on most boards. SO you could use the unused ones to give you USB3 ports on the outside of your PC replacing the USB2 existing ones, and then have more USB 3 ports available. From what I understand besides the speed USB 3.0 is also made for charging devices. While you can do this with USB 2 the output of a USB3 ports is at least twice what you would get from the USB 2. My Cell phone can plug right into a USB port to charge so with the smart phone's coming every month it would seem to advantageous for charging as well as data transfer for them.

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I thought esata was faster than usb 3.0....Why would I want to do this, especially for that price?

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coolice replied on Tue, Feb 1 2011 2:56 PM

Ah, i recall Asus talking about this a few months ago... if i can only find that video again. It was an interview and this person said.... "if you dont have a usb 3.0 motherboard, its fine, you'll soon be able to get an esata to usb3.0 converter"

So its good to see this actually come alive now. I dont have to worry about picking up a usb 3.0 certified board... Though i wish the price was a little lower... 30$.. but well, its a start. Other companies will soon follow and Competition ftw.

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E-SATA is fast enough for me to not go out and buy an adapter for 30 Bucks.

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