Waitress Says iOS Alarm Bug Caused Firing, Instead of Repeat Lateness

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News Posted: Fri, Jan 7 2011 11:01 PM
The well-publicized alarm bug that affected iOS devices earlier has cost a young woman her waitressing position, according to an open letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs that was published on the Huffington Post. There are a few things missing from her story, however, such as how many times she had been late previously?

After all, based on the amount of training that goes into prepping a new employee for work, a company, restaurant or not, is not going to fire anyone for a single instance of tardiness. If they did, they are crazy and won't stay in business for long, and you probably wouldn't want to work for them, anyway.

At any rate, the iPhone bug caused non-recurring alarms for the first few days of the year to not fire when they should have. Lindsay Garvey, 28, lost her job at the Foundry restaurant in Somerville, MA, after her alarm didn't go off. In her email to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, she said:
Upon my termination, I was told that I was wonderful, but that my tardiness was unfair to the other employees. So, Mr. Jobs, I'd like to let you know that you have officially, directly contributed to unemployment in 2011. If you had warned me about the glitch, I could have at least picked up a $5, battery-operated alarm clock that would have saved my job. Now I'm unemployed in a time when jobs are not easily had, and I am short on my rent. So, Happy New Year to you, Mr. Jobs. I hope you remember to shoot me an email next time there is any chance of a glitch. (Just a note, my iPhone bill payment will probably be late this month.)
However, in a story on her in the Boston Herald, it was noted that Garvey "sidestepped" questions about repeated tardies. And in fact, in a statement, the Foundry noted that Garvey had been late multiple times.

Thus, although she may want to blame her situation on her iPhone, it's really all her fault, and we have little sympathy for her. It's become common practice for people to fail to take responsibility for their own actions, and this case is no different. She did manage to get herself 15 minutes of fame, at least.

Watch a video report below.

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I would say its her own fault as said in the post, She must of been late everyday in my guess.

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3vi1 replied on Sat, Jan 8 2011 12:35 PM

She wrote a note hoping to get a greedy little consolation prize from Jobs, and has revealed herself to the world as irresponsible and opportunistic.

Good luck getting a job *now*.

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Wilted Flower You mean that prospective employers aren't going to be flocking to her door? She does have that  iOS Alarm to make sure that she's on time now,.....Wilted Flower

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Really lady? If you solely rely on your iphone to wake up and no bedside clock your just a ignoramus and deserve to lose your job. I'm sure there is more to the story than this.

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