Rahul Sood Moves To Microsoft

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News Posted: Wed, Dec 22 2010 9:00 AM
Well that didn't take long! A month after Rahul Sood resigned his post at HP, he has now found a home at a rival company: Microsoft. Rahul Sood is a major figure in the PC gaming world. He founded VoodooPC, which was then swallowed up by HP and woven into the "Envy" line of computers. But HP never really felt like a great fit for Sood, at least from the outside. HP just feels way too corporate for a free thinker like Sood, but honestly his new company isn't too different. The new company is Microsoft, which makes sense for Sood to end up at, but it's still a very structured corporation.

Rahul isn't saying much about his new post, but his title is in stone. He's the GM for System Experience in the Interactive Entertainment Business. That's a pretty long-winded title, and it's probably meant to be. We doubt Rahul will have rigid guidelines around what he can and can't do at Microsoft; he's an innovator at heart, and if given the freedom to do his own thing at Microsoft, who knows what could come of it.

Rahul has stated that he'll be working on some amazing things at the start of next year, but he's still deciding whether or not to attend CES. Here's to a bright future!
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rapid1 replied on Thu, Dec 23 2010 10:47 AM

I don't know on the corporate mindset at Microsoft. Yes; I know it is a corporate Giant of course, but really they have many divisions. From what I have heard over the years those division while still under the giant, are completely separate to varying degrees as well. So maybe he will fit well who knows. I know they as a company can use someone like him especially in a position like this, where a free thinker would seem to fit well to me.

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there's good chance he already inquired about how much freedom he'll have. I doubt he'd agree to terms with Microsoft if he didn't feel he would like it

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3vi1 replied on Sat, Dec 25 2010 4:33 PM

The article failed to cite his numerous other achievements, such as discovering the Lazarus Pits and fighting Batman to a draw on many occasions.

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