Next wave of Radeon Chipsets due???

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nhwynter Posted: Mon, Dec 6 2010 2:18 PM

Going back, saw that the 5870s came out in September of 2009 with the 6800 series coming out in October 2010.  However, we all know that the 6800 series was the low end for the next gen of Radeon cards..I figure that the next group of cards should be coming out around the same time as INTEL releases their new Sandy Bridge processors.. 

Is there any news on the next wave of Radeon cards? 


P.S, Yes, I'm planning on trading in my dual 9800 GTX+ for a new Radeon card.. Was looking at the 4GB Sapphire Toxis 5870 until I saw the power requirements..... 

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Marco C replied on Mon, Dec 6 2010 11:48 PM

New Radeons are imminent.  I'd hold off on buying anything for a couple of weeks if you can wait.

Marco Chiappetta
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