New Mitsubishi Monitor Takes Game Playing Very Seriously

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News Posted: Thu, Nov 18 2010 1:59 PM
LCD monitors began as poor replacements for CRTs when it came to playing games, due in large part to sluggish response times resulting in ghosting, streaking, and other abnormalities. Today's LCD monitors do a much better job, but evidently there's still plenty of room for improvement. Enter Mitsubishi, which is reportedly designing an intelligent 23-inch LCD monitor with three different display modes depending on the type of game you're playing.

The RDT232WM-Z panel employs a double-speed interpolation function, which is a fancy way of saying it's able to interpolate images from 60fps to 120fps for a smoother image. When playing shooter and music games, however, this technique is disabled to reduce lag and avoid any unsightly image blurs.

For really fast moving games, like sports titles and racing games, the new panel employs an LED backlight blinking technology to reduce residual images. By limiting how long the backlight stays lit, there's less chance that a previous frame will linger in the viewer's eyes. And for role playing games, Mitsubishi's double-speed interpolation technology kicks in with a frequency of 120Hz.

Other features include an IPS panel, 5,000:1 contrast ratio, a pair of HDMI ports, a DVI-D port, D-Sub, and built-in stereo speakers. No word yet on price or availability.
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realneil replied on Thu, Nov 18 2010 3:27 PM

OK, I'll take three 30" screens please.

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So is it a 120hz ips? I don't understand how it knows weather you are playing a fps or role playing game. Also curious about the response time. I am very interested in the price of this, although I did just purchase a new monitor (120hz acer)

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A fast IPS panel? I'll take one as long as it is 1920x1200 and not the 1920x1080 found all over now-a-days. There are good reasons I'm using HP professional series monitors and that extra 120 pixels would be one of them.  I don't think giving up 10% of my total viewable area is 'just as good'.

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I would have to agree with Infinity, 1920x1200 gives a taller screen for a 16:10 ratio rather than a 1080 giving 16:9 ratio. So for instance, web sites are typically vertical and 1080 just wastes a lot of space on the sides.

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