RockMelt Web Browser Puts Social Networking First

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News Posted: Mon, Nov 8 2010 8:48 AM
Does the world need another Web browser on the desktop? That remains up in the air and up for debate, but if you're RockMelt, you clearly think that there's not enough competition yet. This company has just introduced a brand new browser into a market already dominated by Mozilla, Microsoft, Google and Opera. So, why do this? Because their browser is different.

It's a web browser that has been retooled for the existing era, the era of social networking. Most Internet users of today tend to spend at least some time looking at Facebook updates or Twitter profiles, and now that information is more present than ever with RockMelt. Rather than forcing users to visit Twitter or Facebook's homepage, RockMelt brings all of that right into the core browser experience. Is it something everyone will be into? Doubtful, but for heavy social networking users, it may make things easier.

The user interface and layout is rather impressive, but having all of those extra icons around can be daunting at first. Also, some have noted that Firefox and Chrome can be converted into social networking-friendly browsers with just a few free add-in extensions. Either way, RockMelt is out today if you'd like to try it, and the video below explains the bulk of the features offered.

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So, they see a need and want to fill it. I hope it works out for them.

It may not be right for me, but it may also be perfect for others.

Hopefully they're building this with user's security in mind as well.

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Looks like Safari, firefox, and chrome fixed together. Even on their website, is shows the mac os x closing icons at the top left. So, im thinking this is going to be a mac only product when it launches.

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I wouldn't mind switching browser if it's better. Looks pretty useful to have everything just there on the side. But if its mac only... :(

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