UniBrows Add-On Combines Old School (IE6) with New School (IE8)

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News Posted: Thu, Nov 4 2010 2:01 PM
Most of you probably have no desire to turn back the clock and get your Web surfing groove on with IE6, but consider all those enterprise users who developed apps to work with Microsoft's non-standard browser. The sad reality is Microsoft essentially broke the Web, leaving scores of business users with the unenviable prospect of coding new applications to work with updated browser releases, running a virtualized solution, or staying pat with old technology.

Enter Browsium, an upstart who hopes to sidestep the problem with its upcoming UniBrows add-on. Put simply, UniBrows effectively shovels IE6 into IE8.

"Companies need something simple that isn't virtualization based," Matt Heller, CEO of Browsium, told ComputerWorld. "UniBrows renders IE6 inside an IE8 tab without companies' having to change a single line of code in the sites or Web applications."

Browsium's add-on can't come soon enough. Recent research suggests that some 40 percent of Web applications used by companies still running IE6 won't function in IE8, and the prospect of upgrading an entire infrastructure is both daunting and expensive. UniBrows purportedly solves this problem and will only cost companies $5 per user, per year.

Skeptical? You can give the beta a whirl for free right here.
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If it solves the problems that businesses are having now without exposing them to security problems, then that's cool.

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3vi1 replied on Fri, Nov 5 2010 8:37 AM

I think it's a bad thing. It allows companies to indefinitely sit on their old apps that don't conform to W3 standards.

I'd rather they were forced through this conversion at least once, so that they'd learn the lesson of coding to standards instead of to the bugs/extensions in the MS implementation. You should never get so dependent on one vendor that you lose the option to walk away and have no leverage to negotiate with them.

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