Mushkin Introduces SandForce-Based EP Series SSD Line

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News Posted: Wed, Oct 13 2010 1:11 AM
Mushkin is best known for their high-end memory modules, generally purchased only by server owners and hardcore gamers willing to pay more for the higher performance that comes with it. This week, the company is introducing a new SATA 6Gb/sec enterprise-class EP Series SSD line, promising ultra-high-performance and reliability for business applications.

The new drives are based on SandForce's SF-2500 and SF-2600 SSD processors, promising up to 500MB/s read/write sequential transfer rate, up to 60,000 sustained random read/write IOPS and advanced ECC with up to 55 bits correctable per 512-byte sector (BCH). Samples are expected to ship in Q4 of this year, with mass production set for Q1 2011.

Mushkin Announces SATA 6Gb/s Enterprise-Class EP Series SSDs
Next-Generation Solid State Drive offers ultra-high-performance and reliability for business applications

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Mushkin, Inc., (, a global leader in high-performance and mission critical computer products, today announced a new solid state drive series based on SandForce®'s enterprise-class SF-2500 and SF-2600 SSD processors. This series further underlines Mushkin's commitment to providing the business sector with the highest performance and reliability solid state storage solutions.

The next generation Mushkin EP Series SSDs will provide significant performance enhancements and add an impressive set of features enabled by the SF-2000 series enterprise processors:

-Up to 500MB/s read/write sequential transfer rate

-Up to 60,000 sustained random read/write IOPS

-Advanced ECC with up to 55 bits correctable per 512-byte sector (BCH)

-Power/performance throttling for improved energy efficiency and conservation

"This new series of SSDs continues Mushkin's tradition of high-performance, high-reliability flash storage products. This is an area in which we have made great strides and we're very excited to introduce our technology exclusive to the business sector. We feel very confident staking our name with these SSDs for business critical applications." – Brian Flood, Mushkin director of product development.

Additional reliability and maintenance features include Sandforce's DuraWrite™, RAISE™ (Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements), Recycler (Garbage Collection), Intelligent Wear Leveling, and Read Disturb technologies. Sampling is expected to begin 4Q10 with widespread product availability 1Q11.
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The first announced SF-2000 win. These drives are going to clean-up. SandForce is the one to watch right now.

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CGuerra replied on Wed, Oct 13 2010 10:09 AM

Can't wait to see their consumer controller built up on a Corsair SSD! Gonna be awesome!

I'm afraid to buy one though, since in a few months they will double these specs again!

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realneil replied on Wed, Oct 13 2010 8:21 PM

Let them into the SSD arena! The more players there are, the sooner prices will come down!

Competition is KING!

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Kiristo replied on Thu, Oct 14 2010 6:25 AM

^Yes. More people in the SSD market is only going to make it get better faster.

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Marc B replied on Thu, Oct 14 2010 10:48 AM

Nice to see drives that can make use of the SATA 6 bandwidth on the new mobos. I thought be might have to wait longer.

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