This is how Amazon shatters your dreams

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alkomino Posted: Fri, Sep 24 2010 7:30 AM

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This is a story that only hardcore gamers and pc enthusiasts could really comprehend and understand. Why you ask me? Because every one of them has a dream and that’s to build the ultimate gaming PC. Highest end CPU, most extreme mother board, high end ultra fast ram filling the dimms to the gills, fast high capacity HDD's, efficient cooling. Then and most importantly the fastest most aggressive graphic card, because as well all know what's a gaming pc without the GPU. Its where these components all meet and end for a gamer. Now for the story of an Amazon customer who was trying to build his dream pc on Amazon. Please don’t take me as an aristocrat kid with a high salary that can buy anything he wants and now he's just crying for his lollipop that was taken from him by a poor kid that’s never tasted a lollipop and was dying to see what it tastes like. No, its exactly the opposite I'm a 30 year old man with a medium salary I'm married and have kids. This was my chance to make my dream from 15 years ago come true. The ultimate gaming experience. Unfortunately Amazon had other plans.

Now I know some of you might say, get over it, so what, better graphic cards are coming every other day. Well I've waited for 15 years, and now my dream pc is right in front of me. I have assembled it, the case the CPU the motherboard the ram the HDD's and the cooling. It's right in front of me, it's calling for me to test it and take the beast for a ride. But alas, the full tower case feels so empty when you see it from inside, I only see 4 empty PCI slots with not a single GPU. This was supposed to be my dream and it was shattered and this is how.

First off these are the components that make my dream pc (all were bought from Amazon and arrived at on time)


Cooler master HAF-X


Corsair Professional Series Gold High Performance 1200-Watt Power Supply AX-1200


Intel Core i7 980X Extreme Edition 3.33GHz 12 MB L3 Cache

CPU Cooler

Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H50

Mother Board

ASUS Rampage Extreme III


12 GB Corsair Dominator GT 4 GB PC3-17000 2133Mhz Dual Channel


1x Western Digital 600GB VELOCIRAPTOR 3.5INCH 10000RPM 32MB CACHE SATA 6.0GB

3x Western Digital 2 TB RE4 SATA 7200 RPM 64 MB Cache


Now seeing the components this pc has, what GPU will go well to complement the high end specs that it has. Yes that's right it's the Sapphire Toxic Ati Radeon 5970 4gb the fastest graphic card the world of textures and frames has ever experienced.  Now Since this is a gaming PC why not make that 2 Toxic GPUs, and that was my order.

Listed on Amazon at that time to be in stock and that it will arrive in 1 – 2 months. They also had the 4gb non toxic, but hey this is my dream so why settle for the non toxic with 850 MHz and not the toxic with 900 MHz, I mean they where both in stock.  So after all my components arrived and happily assembled, like a little child, I would go and check every day on my order hoping that the 1-2 months shipping date would be an estimation and that my GPU would be shipped sooner. Everyday would pass with me staring at my dream PC waiting for the GPUs so I can install them. Everyday I would go and check on my order status on Amazon to hopefully see the phrase "Not yet Shipped" to "Shipped". Amazon stated that I would receive them in the time frame from the 14th of sep till the 5th of oct. So here I was, fingers crossed, hoping that it would be the former not the latter or at least in between. Then the 14th of sep passes by and still no news. Ok, I tell myself, they said it would be late. But still I'm not convinced so just in case I go check on the non toxic 4gb version to see if it was still in stock, knowing that the toxic was a limited edition, and yes it is still there and on sale $979, and it stated "order it now and you will receive it by Monday". Phew, I still have that as plan B or will I. I start weighing my options shall I get this and cancel that, but my Toxic order is right in front of me and hey Amazon honors it agreements and deals. It is even closer now and I've waited for a month why not wait a little longer and keep my PC at the ultimate level. So I wait and time passes.

I grow weary and confused now no one stocks the non toxic sapphire 4gb not Newegg not anyone and its selling on ebay for at least double the price. So I contact Amazon and ask them will they honor the deal and here i will copy and paste my chat session (I had lots of typos as you will see from the chat, frustration does things to a man and have removed the names of the parties so no one is hurt Amazon should answer to this and not the poor guys in the support center)  :

You are now connected to (Amazon Support Personnel) from

(Amazon Support): Hello, my name is (Amazon Support)  I'll be happy to help you today. 09:28:01 pm

Me: hi (Amazon Support)  my name is (My name) 09:28:13 pm

(Amazon Support): May I have the order number? 09:28:14 pm

Me:i talked to a man named (Previous Amazon Support Personnel)  and he left the chat without finishing my request 09:28:38 pm

Me: can i copy and past my past conversation here 09:28:54 pm

Me: thats paste 09:29:04 pm

(Amazon Support):I'm sorry about that I will be happy to help you. 09:29:11 pm

(Note: here I pasted my last chat session with the support center)

Me: You are now connected to (Previous Amazon Support Personnel) from 09:29:12 pm

 (Previous Amazon Support):Hello, my name is (Previous Amazon Support). how may I help you today. 09:15:03 pm09:29:12 pm

Me:hi 09:15:18 pm 09:29:12 pm

Me:Due to the limited availabitly of 4gb Ati Radeon 5970 graphic cards i wished to confirm that amazon will deliver the above item on time (already a month has passed) and not inform me that the product is out of stock at the last minute 09:15:21 pm09:29:12 pm

Me:will the order be honored or is there a chance you might inform me that there is none left 09:15:58 pm 09:29:12 pm

(Previous Amazon Support):Can I have the order number? 09:16:20 pm09:29:12 pm

Me:im asking cause xfx has introduced a new 4gb and its currently in but its also a limited edition 09:16:37 pm09:29:12 pm

Me:yes wait please 09:16:51 pm09:29:12 pm

Me:002-9519364-6514640 09:17:21 pm09:29:12 pm

(Previous Amazon Support):Thank you.09:17:30 pm09:29:12 pm

Me:anyway as i was saying i dont want bith of them to get sold out and be left with none 09:17:43 pm09:29:12 pm

Me:thats both not bith 09:17:53 pm09:29:12 pm

Me:by both i meant the 2 i bought on your site and the xfx's on newegg.com09:18:23 pm 09:29:12 pm

Me:as you can see from my previous orders i bought a whole new pc system and the only thing that is left is the graphic cards 09:19:12 pm09:29:12 pm

(Previous Amazon Support): Can you hold for a minute or two while I research this for you? 09:19:25 pm09:29:12 pm

Me:yes please do so and thanks in advance 09:19:36 pm09:29:12 pm

(Previous Amazon Support):Is this the item? "Sapphire Radeon HD5970 TOXIC 4 GB DDR5 2DVI/Mini-DisplayPort PCI-Express Video Card 100280-4GTXSR"09:20:51 pm09:29:12 pm

Me:thats it 09:21:00 pm09:29:12 pm

Me:i just wanted to confirm that you will honor the deal and ship it 09:21:53 pm09:29:12 pm

Me:even if it will arrive on 5th of october09:22:05 pm09:29:12 pm

Me:because there is no other 4gb ati 5970 option out there 09:22:23 pm09:29:12 pm

Me:except the xfx on newegg 09:22:34 pm09:29:12 pm

Me:which is also running out 09:22:40 pm09:29:12 pm

Me:so im trying to see which ship to abandon and get on the next ;) 09:23:04 pm09:29:12 pm

Me:before i drown in despair 09:23:17 pm09:29:12 pm

(Previous Amazon Support)from has left the conversation.09:29:12 pm

(And then the conversation is back to the current session please note before each line on the last session there was a Me: meaning that I was writing in the current session which I deleted so you can better read that previous chat) so continuing this seesion :

Me:as you can see this is the order number 002-9519364-651464009:29:52 pm

Me:are you still with me mr (Amazon Support) 09:32:15 pm

(Amazon Support):Yes, I was reading your previous conversation.09:32:42 pm

Me:sorry then thought i lost u 09:32:55 pm

(Amazon Support):I can assure you that we will ship your order. 09:33:50 pm

Me:so it will be honored and you have it in stock 09:34:08 pm

Me:if i change my shipment to 1-3 days will it arrive faster 09:34:26 pm

Me:or cause its listed that it will take 1 to 2 months then that will not affect it 09:34:59 pm

Me:and please tell me if god forbid and i was told that the order will not be honored because its out of stock what can i do 09:35:55 pm

(Amazon Support):Yes, we will ship your order as soon as we have the item from our supplier. We expect it to be in stock by September 30.09:37:04 pm

Me: so there is no chance for me to expediate the shipping by paying for faster delivery 09:37:48 pm

(Amazon Support):Our delivery estimates are based on the item's availability and the delivery speed you choose. If an item's "In Stock" and you choose an express shipping method, you'll receive your items more quickly than if you choose Standard or Super Saver Shipping. 09:39:06 pm

(Amazon Support):If an item isn't readily available, selecting One-Day or Two-Day Delivery will reduce the transit time after we've shipped your order, but won't impact how long it takes us to obtain the item or prepare it for shipment. 09:39:20 pm

Me:okay thank you very much you have been a great help 09:40:11 pm

Abdullah Nasir :Is there anything else I can do for you today? 09:40:22 pm

Me:just one more question is there a chance i can have an email confirmig that you have the product in stock 09:40:50 pm

Me:if i wanted to buy more for example 09:40:58 pm

Me:cause my rig can handle graphic cards 09:41:24 pm

Me:4 graphic cards that os 09:41:33 pm

Me:is not os 09:41:38 pm

Me:anyway you get the drill im bad with the keyboard 09:41:57 pm

(Amazon Support):I'm sorry but we do not have a feature to send you an e-mail when the item is in stock. 09:42:02 pm

(Amazon Support):I'd suggest checking our website from time to time to see if this item is available. 09:42:11 pm

Me:ok then thanks a million and peace09:42:27 pm

(Amazon Support):Thanks for visiting We hope to see you again soon!09:42:45 pm

Me:me 2

So I check everyday waiting for that order status to change and then the shocker comes on the 24 of sep. I come to check my order, go to the tab and choose "orders placed in the past 6 months" and there, in the list of orders, my GPUs where not listed. What, I start panicking, did some one hack into may account and delete that order. Oh my God, and that’s when I contact Amazon again and I leave you with my last chat session :

You are now connected to (Amazon Support Personnel) from

Me:I have placed an order for sapphire radeon 5970 toxic 4gb it was supposed to take 1-2 months (14 September to 5 October was my supposed shipping date to ship and i contacted your department and they confirmed that it would be in stock September 30. now when i go back to my orders the order is not there it is as if its vanished and i never canceled it what going on. 11:09:35 am

Me:This was my order no 002-9519364-6514640 11:09:35 am

(Amazon Support):Hello, my name is (Amazon Support). Let me check the details of your order. 11:10:47 am

(Amazon Support): Could you please tell me the name on Amazon account. 11:10:55 am

Me:hi11:10:55 am

Me:yes its (My full name) 11:11:09 am

(Amazon Support): Thank you and your e-mail address is (My email) . Is that Correct? 11:11:43 am

Me:yes 11:11:54 am

(Amazon Support):I am sorry to say but I can see that the order was canceled. 11:12:16 am

Me:i am sure i have not cancelled it 11:12:32 am

Me:how come it was cancelled 11:12:42 am

Me:i was eagerly awaiting it 11:12:49 am

(Amazon Support):yes you are correct it was canceled by amazon 11:12:51 am

Me:why 11:12:55 am

Me:how come 11:13:01 am

Me:i want to file a clain 11:13:11 am

Me:calin 11:13:14 am

Me:claim11:13:16 am

Me:they cant do this 11:13:20 am

Me:i contacted them and they promised they would honor the order 11:13:39 am

(Amazon Support):I have checked and found that we do not have in stock 11:15:05 am

Me:so they just state that its in stock and tell me they will restock it on sep 30 and then just cancel on there own whim11:16:07 am

Me:what kind of service policy is this 11:16:17 am

Me:i waited 2 months for this 11:16:33 am

Me:i bought my whole pc case, hdd's, ram, coolers from amazon 11:16:58 am

Me:i was building my dream pc 11:17:05 am

Me:and now they do this 11:17:08 am

(Amazon Support):I am Sorry We did not get from the suppliers. 11:17:14 am

Me:what do i care thats ure problem 11:17:26 am

Me:you cant state that you will have it in 2 MONTHS 11:17:40 am

Me:and then make us wait 11:17:45 am

Me:for 2 MONTHS 11:17:49 am

Me:and then cancel 11:17:53 am

Me:i have my previous chat with your colleague 11:18:03 am

(Amazon Support):We did not intend to but some times it happens. 11:18:17 am

(Amazon Support):The supplier thought he would get from the manufacturer 11:18:17 am

(Amazon Support):but supplier was failed to get from them 11:18:17 am

(Amazon Support):the supplier gave us the dates that he will supply to us 11:18:17 am

(Amazon Support):CSA:but he was failed in doing so 11:18:17 am

Me:he stated that it will be in stock on sep 30 and that a few days ago 11:18:19 am

Me:so what are you pulling my leg and making me wait for 2 months for nothing 11:18:35 am

Me:so now u just cancell 11:18:50 am

Me:is that your policy 11:19:01 am

(Amazon Support):We are not sure that whether we will get from the supplier or not 11:19:27 am

Me:to make your customer wait for 2 whole months 11:19:28 am

(Amazon Support):I am sorry 11:19:39 am

Me:so now your not sure 11:19:41 am

Me:this is it from now on i will buy my products from newegg and i will take this case to my blogforms 11:20:11 am

Me:i will show everyone how amazon treats its customers 11:20:26 am

Me:i bought so all my pc components from you and thats how i get treated 11:20:45 am

Me:it was all high end 11:20:49 am

Me:you can verify that 11:20:58 am

(Amazon Support):I once again apologize. For this inconvenience I will give you a discount of $10.00 11:20:58 am

(Amazon Support):on your next order 11:21:03 am

Me:whats 10 dollars 11:21:15 am

Me:look at my order history 11:21:22 am

Me:do you think i need a 10 discount for they pain you've caused 11:21:47 am

(Amazon Support):I am sorry but I do not know what to do 11:22:11 am

Me:i have had the chance to buy the sapphire radeon 4gb but not the toxic i passed that cause your site stated that it had the toxic now thats OUT OF STOCK 11:22:40 am

Me:i know hat to do 11:22:58 am

Me:ill make sure everyone hears about this 11:23:13 am

Me:yo just can't treat your customers like that 11:23:51 am

(Amazon Support):I am sorry again. 11:24:08 am

Me:well your company will be sorry when they hear my story on the net 11:24:40 am

Karan:I am sorry.11:25:28 am

Me:thats it 11:25:51 am

Me:that your end line 11:25:57 am

(Amazon Support):What would you like? 11:26:59 am

Me:My sapphire toxic 4gb 11:27:40 am

Me:actually my 2 sapphire toxic cause i ordered 2 11:28:16 am

Me:the same ones you supposedly sold on y our site and i ordered and u cancelled 11:28:44 am

Me:the 5970 toixc 4gb 11:28:59 am

(Amazon Support):We have this model in stock Sapphire Radeon HD 5970 ATI Video Card - 2GB GDDR5, PCI-Express 2.0, CrossFireX Ready, Dual DVI, Mini Display Port11:29:06 am

(Amazon Support):and we have this one also Sapphire Radeon HD5970 2 GB DDR5 2DVI/Mini-DisplayPort PCI-Express Video Card 100280-2SR11:29:29 am

Me:u make me laugh u think i dont know hat u have in stock now 11:29:31 am

Me:i want the 4gb i ordered 11:29:37 am

(Amazon Support):we do not have that 11:29:50 am

Me:i passed and the 4gb non toxic version 11:29:54 am

(Amazon Support):Iam sorry 11:30:01 am

Me:buy it fron another supplier and honor our agreement 11:30:09 am

Me:i specifically asked (Previous Amazon Support)from your department and i have the chat saved that will you, and i meant amazon honor this deal, and he clearly stated that you will 11:30:58 am

(Amazon Support):I will forward your feedback11:31:07 am

Me:and thats a few days ago11:31:15 am

Me:i wont wait for long 11:31:21 am

Me:they sell it on ebay you can but it from anyone there 11:31:39 am

(Amazon Support):I will forward your feedback 11:31:58 am

(Amazon Support):and we will try to make it in stock as soon as possible 11:32:13 am

Me:no as soon or in 1 -2 months is not an option 11:32:29 am

Me:either i get a reply today or i will go get an xfx 59670 4g from newegg before THATS out of stock and take this case public 11:33:14 am

Me:thast xfx 597011:33:26 am

(Amazon Support):Well I can not promise 11:33:37 am

Me:and im dead serious11:33:38 am

Me:well then deal with it when it goes public im not waiting for another chance of my dream pc goes buy while u guys chat on how u will persuade me to wait another 2 months for your stocks to arrive and cancel my orders when they dont and try to give me a mere $10 for the inconvenience 11:35:10 am

Me:i mean do i look lika a child that needs $10 change 11:35:25 am

Me:just check my orders and see the things i buy from you 11:35:39 am

(Amazon Support):I will give $30.00 promo 11:35:53 am

Me:u make me laugh 11:35:58 am

Me:its not about the money 11:36:04 am

Me:are u insulting me 11:36:20 am

Me:is that how u deal with orders you dont honor 11:36:33 am

Me:u pay me to be quite 11:36:39 am

Me:no go solve my problem 11:36:43 am

Me:this card is offered on ebay NOW for $1750 when it was much less 2 months ago 11:37:13 am

Me:i bought it from you 11:37:18 am

(Amazon Support):I will forward and try to make it in stock as soon as possible 11:37:22 am

Me:i told you you have only today 11:37:33 am

Me:i cant wiat for the xfx'x on newegg to run out 11:37:44 am

Me:they are limited as u can see for ureself 11:38:02 am

Me:check xfx radeon 5970 4gb11:38:12 am

Me:on newegg11:38:15 am

Me:limited supply thats what it says not 1-2 months or i will check 11:38:33 am

Me:u either give me your word that u will honor my order or i will make this public and go buy my cards form newegg 11:39:05 am

Me:im waiting 11:41:00 am

(Amazon Support):I am sorry 11:41:32 am

Me:and re instated my order11:41:37 am

Me:bye and you will hear from me quite soon11:41:59 am


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That sucks but I always order my stuff from Newegg. 

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Same here. NewEgg for me!

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Inspector replied on Fri, Sep 24 2010 3:44 PM

Newegg FTW! :D lol. though i might buy stuff from others if they are a lot cheaper :)

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fat78 replied on Fri, Sep 24 2010 4:55 PM

lol thats f'ed up offering 10$

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realneil replied on Sat, Sep 25 2010 8:54 PM

That's a lesson that I learned long ago. Newegg tells you it's gonna ship, and it does. Every time. The customer service is worth it even if someone beats their price a little.

I was burned by other companies too. Tiger Direct sent one NVIDIA video card to me and it should have been two. There was no problem charging my account for two of them. They wouldn't make it good either. Was able to cancel the transaction and they really freaked out. I made them send me a prepaid label to return the one card to them. Two weeks later they sent me two of the next better cards that I never ordered and didn't charge my account a dime.

I sent those back to them too after I made them send another prepaid label for the shipping. (I could have kept them, because they had no record of sending the second shipment to me when I called them)

Yeah, Newegg is a real civilized place to trade with.

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