HTC Selling Smartphones Like Crazy, Posts Big Profit

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News Posted: Tue, Jul 6 2010 4:08 PM
You have to hand it to HTC, the handset maker who has found a way to be profitable by bombarding mobile phone market with a near-endless stream of smartphone models. The strategy is paying off, and quite handsomely -- HTC on Tuesday said its second quarter net profit jumped by 33 percent, The Wall Street Journal reports.

It's nothing but obscene numbers across the board. Take revenue, for example, which ballooned by 58 percent in the second quarter, rising from NT$38.20 billion to a record NT$60.35 billion.

"HTC's second-quarter earnings results is better than its original second-quarter guidance, [as] both June and second-quarter revenues continuously hit record highs," said HTC.

Let the good times roll. Looking ahead, HTC fully expects "the strong momentum to continue in the second half of the year" as the company gets ready to launch another batch of smartphone models. It would appear that, at least for the time being, quantity is the key.
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It's really great to read that someone other than crApple is making money on phones, and the best part is that you don't have to be hitched to AT&T!Big Smile

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good job htc im gonna get one to help with the sales

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Marco C replied on Wed, Jul 7 2010 9:55 AM

HTC makes some really nice devices, and while they're not completely open to everything the modding community has done with their phones (, they don't drop the hammer on them either. I'm hoping a TP3 is in the works, with a slimmer form factor, larger screen, and fast processor.

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This just goes to show you that if you make products that people want, with options that they want at a fair price. you will see success :)

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