ViewSonic Debuts NexTV VMP75 Networked Media Player

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News Posted: Wed, Jun 16 2010 9:22 AM
We used to say that ViewSonic was seen primarily as a monitor company,but now, we aren't so sure. The company has expanded mightily over theyears, offering a wide variety of consumer electronics devices rangingfrom portable media players to e-reader devices to a new living roomset-top box. The new NexTV VMP75 is entering a market that's deeplycrowded with options from Vudu, Roku, Popcorn Hour and (soon) Google,but this sector has still yet to go mainstream. So in a way, there'sstill a chance for more market players to grab market share.

This new device is a network media player, capable of displaying 1080pcontent from external storage devices or streaming media from homenetworks and theInternet. As you would expect, users can watch material from Netflix(Watch Instantly) as well as YouTube,, SHOUTcast radio,Flickr and loads more portals. There's also a built in Web browser andthe ability to establish a custom RSS feed, and users can even connectvia Twitter or Facebook right from their box if they want.

It'll allow users to listen to their home music collection, view photoslideshows and watch content, and there's even a USB port for connectingthumb drives or hard drives in a pinch. Other connectors include eSATA,Ethernet, Wi-Fi (optional), HDMI, Composite, and S/PDIF. The box ispriced at $149.99 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon or Newegg today.

Lights, Camera, Action; ViewSonic® Brings the Internet and Netflix to your Living Room

ViewSonic’s new NexTV VMP75 networked media player allows easy and seamless streaming of movies and TV shows directly to your TV
WALNUT, Calif. - June 15, 2010

ViewSonic® Corp., a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions, today announced the NexTV VMP75 – a network media player that delivers the ultimate entertainment experience to consumers’ HDTVs with Full HD 1080p playback from external storage devices or streaming media from home networks and the Internet. Among the available Internet options is Netflix, the leading online movie subscription service whose members can instantly watch thousands of movies and TV episodes streamed via the NexTV VMP75.

In addition to Netflix, NexTV’s iMedia feature brings a world of Internet entertainment to HDTVs with quick and easy links to media content from YouTube,, SHOUTcast Radio, Flickr and more. NexTV’s integrated web browser allows for Internet surfing and custom RSS feeds for instant news and world events of interest. Users can keep up with their friends through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, and  instant content and connections are never more than a click away – all through an intuitive user interface and full function remote control.

Bringing all the digital content together from your home PCs or network has never been simpler. The NexTV VMP75 allows you to listen to your stored music, view all your digital photos and watch any home movies right on your TV, making the living room the center of entertainment. Whether accessed through USB memory stick or hard drive, eSATA storage device, or over the network through Ethernet or optional wireless connection, your digital content will look and sound better than ever.

Full connectivity for the NexTV VMP75 includes HDMI, Composite, S/PDIF, USB and eSATA, with an easy network connection through an Ethernet port or via 802.11b/g/n with optional wireless adapter. NexTV also supports an external USB keyboard and mouse.

Although the NexTV VMP75 streams in full HD1080p, HD content from Netflix instantly streams in 720p and most of the thousands of titles streamed from Netflix are in standard definition. a
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More nNetflix Internet connectivity? I am telling you it is a conspiracy. What better way to control everything.

So far this has been a niche market, and adding on Netflix and Internet connections. Along with a bigger price tag is not going to make me want to buy it. Plus the question of what formats will it play in the long run.

I know I will just wait around until the WD HD player comes down in price. With all the other choices out there that no one seems to be buying. That is the only one that constantly gets good reviews.

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