Google Maps Navigation Motors To 11 More Countries For Free

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News Posted: Wed, Jun 9 2010 8:51 PM
There has been a lot of action at Google this week, and the Caffeineboost is just the tip of the iceberg. In a move that may be strongEuropean mainstays like Nokia on their heels, Google has just announcedthat their highly lauded Google Maps Navigation service is finallydeparting the U.S. and heading elsewhere. But don't worry, it's notactually leaving America--it's cloning itself and becoming available in avariety of other locations.

Google Maps Navigation remains one of the major reasons that users areflocking to Android. It's far more functional than the standard Mapsapplication for iPhone, and it runs laps around most other navigationsolutions on other operating systems. Just in time for all theEurotrippers to get their passport stamped upon entering Europe, Googlehas announced that their Maps Navigation software is now available forfree in 11 more nations, with version 4.2 bringing support for Austria,Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands,Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland.

The new version works on all Android devices at v1.6 and higher, but ofcourse it will require a data connection to fully operate, so you bestpick up some serious pre-paid data unless you want an outrageous roamingbill to arrive once you return. "Search by Voice" is also included inthis new version, and local languages are supported in all of the new 11nations. It's available now for free by searching for Google Maps inthe Android Market. Good luck keeping up, everyone else.
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So now pedestrians in France can also get hit by cars while looking for the translation of their Google map directions?

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