Hands-on with Asus' Eee Tablet eReader/Writer with Integrated Digicam

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News Posted: Tue, Jun 1 2010 4:11 PM
Without a doubt, mobile computing is making its mark over at Computex 2010. After announcing their Eee Pad tablet PC, Asus gave us a closer look at their slick looking e-Reader/e-Writer creation designed for students and mobile business professionals. The little slate's features include a 10 hour battery life, 2450 dpi touch resolution screen, pen writing and input controls, a fast screen refresh response time, 2MP camera, USB port, and a MicroSD slot. With a $199 asking price and a September release date, we came away impressed with the new gadget form Asus, but don't just take our word for it. Hit the our hands on video here to see for yourself... 

We're rather curious to see how this new device will impact the eReader market, along with Asus' strong partnerships with Amazon.  Kindle books on the way perhaps?  You can read between the lines there a bit for sure.  We haven't gotten anything but a few hints on that front but if we were the betting type, we'd say keep your eye on how Asus will handle content distribution on this one.
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rapid1 replied on Wed, Jun 2 2010 1:22 AM

Asus is one of the companies I always watch. This device looks interesting although to me kind of lack luster.

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wc_matt replied on Wed, Jun 2 2010 1:18 PM

This looks great! I think an e-reader with handwriting/stylus input makes perfect sense. If they make it easy to make inline notes/annotations while reading, then this will be what I've been waiting for in an e-reader and I'm sold.

Does this have wi-fi? If not, ditch the camera and add wifi. Way more practical.

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Asus is one of the companies I always watch. This device looks interesting although to me kind of lack luster.

I feel about the same way about both Asus and this device. E-readers just fail to excite me. This screen is nice because of the refresh rate, but look at the glare under the lights. There will be no reading this in sunlight.

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If this is as good for artwork as it is advertised, it will replace my Cintiq.

Wacom has real problems with accuracy with their Cintiq drivers and they refuse to do anything about it... so Wacom are in SERIOUS trouble if Asus can release an accurate tablet for art at 20% of the price of the cheapest comparable Wacom screen based tablet. In fact I will buy two or three of these if they are accurate enough for artwork.

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