Need help! Forgot to turn on VPU recovery.

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Matthys Posted: Sun, May 30 2010 4:04 AM

Hi all. I have a serious problem. I was recently overclocking my GPU using Catalyst Control Centre. I overclocked my video memory slightly and the screen made colourful blocks everywhere and then went blank. For some reason, my screen is not responding when I'm using that overclock setting. Now the problem is that the setting is saved because I forgot to tick the box 'VPU recovery' which resets the setting. So whenever I turn on my computer it will run to that setting as soon as Catalyst automaticly boots up. So then my screen goes black everytime my computer fully boots. I cannot find a way to reset the setting. Some help on how to reset it?


MSI HD 4870 512MB DDR5.

Intel Core 2 duo 6400

625W PSU.

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Super Dave replied on Sun, May 30 2010 11:48 AM

Safe Mode?

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