Lenovo Cans Skylight OS In Favor Of Android, U1 Also Downgraded

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News Posted: Fri, May 28 2010 11:51 PM
Wow. That's really all there is to say about this. With Apple's iPadleading to a crazy amount of interest in tablets, HP's recentacquisition of Palm and their WebOS and Lenovo's fantastic recentquarter, there's been a lot of wild stuff going down in the tech sector.But who saw this coming? Lenovo, which made a big name for themselvesby introducing a few "industry firsts" at CES this year, just flipped ona number of efforts that were seemingly unique to the company.

Just after MeeGo 1.0 went live for download, here we have anotherLinux-based operating system falling off of the grip. One is born, oneis buried. The Skylight OS was introduced back at CES, and at the time,it seemed perfect for this year's upcoming netbooks, tablets, etc. Butsoon after, the OS quickly fell off of the map, and we really haven'theard anything about it since. But the craziest part is this: Lenovoisn't killing the Skylight OS just because it had a change of heart, buta change in plans. Instead of Skylight OS, we'll be seeing Android onLenovo devices. We sort of understand the desire to side with an OS thatalready has a foothold in the industry, but it's still a real blow foranyone really looking forward to something completely new and fresh fromLenovo.

Sadder still, the U1 hybrid netbook/tablet that first saw the light atCES is also being eliminated. Or, at least it's being thought of now as aconcept rather than something that is gearing up for shipment. So it's asad day in the Lenovo world today, but at least the company is shiftinggears and placing bets on a proven OS. No pressure, Android!
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rapid1 replied on Sun, May 30 2010 4:17 PM

IBM and OS's, I watch this whole thing and see nothing but the introduction of the PC all over again. Apple has a large not to mention blind sheep following etc. The only difference seem to be Google taking the place of Microsoft. In the end Apple will fail, but this time it seems to me that open source (IE: Android) will be the winner. I like that a lot just ask 3vi1 about open source he will fill you in much better than I can (as he is much, much more experienced in Linux than I). Either way having 1 company controlling everything, rather than having anyone who feels or see's a need in the market, doing such is a much better picture to me!

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