Study: Cell Phone Service Satisfaction at an All-Time High

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News Posted: Tue, May 18 2010 9:47 AM
Credit an increasing amount of cell phone towers, the explosion of high-end Android smartphones, or just all around improvements to customer service, but whatever the reason(s), consumers are more happy than ever with their cell phone service, suggests a new study. The American Customer Satisfaction Index for "Wireless Telephone Service" now sits at 72 on a 100 point scale, the highest it's ever been since the score was first tracked in 2004.

With the exception of AT&T, which scored a 69, every major carrier was represented by a score of 70 or above. But it was Sprint that made the biggest improvement. Despite what some would consider a mass exodus to greener pastures in recent years, Sprint managed to increase its customer satisfaction index from 63 to 70, a seven point difference from one year ago, and 14 points from two years ago.

The survey, which was originally developed by the University of Michigan, pinged about 11,000 households for the first quarter and has a margin of error of plus or minus one point.
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I'm actually really surprised that Sprint is only a 70, considering that everyone I know with them loves their service. I agree with the comment that they have shown marked improvement, each year pushing more and more to give the customers what they want.

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