OWC Reveals 480GB Mercury Extreme Pro 2.5" SSD

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News Posted: Wed, May 12 2010 9:52 AM
Just yesterday Mushkin pushed the 2.5" SSD sector up a notch with a 240GB option, which is far larger than many standard hard drives that are shipping with notebooks today. Now, OWC is taking it to another level: 480GB. Yes, 480GB on a single 2.5" solid state drive. The bar has been raised in terms of capacity, that's for sure.

The company's new Mercury Extreme Pro SSD range is now available, with units ranging from 60GB to 480GB in size. According to the company, these feature "sustained data rates of 285MBps," with an ultra-efficient block management and wear leveling technology that "prevents write speed degradation commonly experienced by other brands' SSD."

  • One of the fastest Internal SATA 2.5" SSD with available data rates up to 285MB/s.
  • SandForce DuraClass™ technology with Ultra-efficient Block Management & Wear Leveling offers highest endurance, performance, and power efficiency in a SATA SSD.
  • SandForce® Processor maximizes read and write performance to greatly extend the endurance and overall reliability of the drive.
  • Up to 100X greater data protection than what the highest rated enterprise class conventional hard disk drive (HDD) provides.
  • Best in class error correction (ECC) and SandForce RAISE™ (Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements) technology provides RAID like data protection and reliability without loss of transfer speed due to parity.
  • Intelligent "recycling" for advanced free space management
  • Highly secure… all data automatically stored in AES-128 encrypted format.
  • Designed and made in the US from imported parts.

As of today, this new line is only up for pre-sale, with prices as follows: 60GB ($219.99), 120GB ($379.99), 240GB ($699.99), 480GB ($1,579.99). If performance lines up, these could be real winners. A 480GB drive is more than enough for most average users, and to get that amount of space from a flash-based drive is just unheard of. 
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rapid1 replied on Wed, May 12 2010 1:21 PM

This is very good to see, it also means the SSD take over of the HD market may very well be sooner than later.

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Except that the price per GB hasn't really gone down at all. Only the 240GB drive cracks into the (high) $2 range at ~$2.91. All the others cost north of $3 per GB. Prices need to drop to ~$1 per GB before this will really kick off.

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la_guy_10 replied on Wed, May 12 2010 3:57 PM

This drive put up some impressive numbers recently. Hopefully prices will come in soon as everybody and their mother is producing SSD's.

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realneil replied on Thu, May 13 2010 7:33 PM

Bring the price down out of 'Low Earth Orbit' and we will buy them, lots of them,..........

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15C-notes! AYFKM!

This reminds me of the Beta VCR's! Yeah its cool new tech, but is it worth 2000! When you are playing to a market like computer geeks, don't go insulting their intelligence. If you are going to take manufacturing and send it over to asia in order to cut costs. In that process cut jobs and economy here, Don't go and try to sell us the same thing we should be making at more than triple the price!

That being said, I just got a 64GB SSD and it was only $144 from the egg. It is nice, yet the only pain in the butt was the setting up of using it as only a boot drive.

That $700 price might be reasonable for a 1TB SSD, in order to facilitate R&D.

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