Ubuntu Unveils "Unity" Desktop Environment, Ubuntu Light For Netbooks

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News Posted: Mon, May 10 2010 10:34 AM
Linux doesn't get nearly the attention or credit it deserves in theconsumer realm. Most web servers run on Linux, and anyone who engagesin secondary education in programming will undoubtedly spend someserious time within a Linux environment. Yet, out in the public realm,hardly any average consumer would understand how to get around withinan Ubuntu setup, let alone something with a less user-friendly UI.

Today, Canonical (makers of Ubuntu) revealed a new desktop environmentcalled 'Unity' atthe Ubuntu Developer Summit, which will be a desktop environment forUbuntu 10.10Netbook Edition, released in October 2010. It's available today fordevelopers building applications for the netbook environment, and withthe race to create even cheaper netbooks fully on, this may just end uphaving a huge impact when the cost of Windows refuses to let netbookcosts sink any lower.

Unity is designed fornetbooks and related touch-based devices, and it includes a new panelandapplication launcher that makes it fast and easy to access preferredapplications, such as the browser, while removing screen elementsthat are rarely used in mobile and netbook computing. Also today,Canonical announced Ubuntu Light, an implementation ofUbuntu that is based on Unity and intended for the dual-boot'instant-web' market. This new version, which is more like a"pared-down" version of Ubuntu, features chat, IM, browser and mediaplayerapplications and is aimed at PCmanufacturers seeking an 'instant-web'experience that complements Windows on consumer PCs.

Ubuntu Light distinguishesitself by connecting the user to the web, with a running browser, inunder 10 seconds. The product includes a media player and tools tointegrate with Windows to access music files, photos, etc., and UbuntuLight can be used on a standalone PC or notebook withoutWindows, but it is particularly designed for dual-boot environments,where it is installed alongside Windows and presented as an option atboot. Best of all, Ubuntu Light is available to OEMs today, so there'shardly a reason why you should have to wait awhile to see this rollingout to new machines.

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This looks pretty cool. It also makes the 3rd official Ubuntu netbook OS out right now. Plus the none official like Easy Peasy. The more choice the better I suppose.

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realneil replied on Tue, May 11 2010 10:03 AM

I'd try it out if I had a Netbook. I use the latest full version of Ubuntu as the second OS on my Laptop already and it's a clean, well rounded OS. (and free too)

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