Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q860 Vs. Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q870 Vs. Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q880

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wallacemanengine Posted: Sun, May 9 2010 4:19 AM

I have recently stumbled upon the next laptop I wash to buy, and it will be from the Toshiba Qosmio Series of laptops. I chose this series because of pure "bang for the buck" performance on the Q860 Model. For $1200 you get one of the fastest dual core processors on the planet, combined with 4GB of DDR3 Memory, a 1GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GTS 360M Graphics core and all on Windows 7 H.P. 64-Bit; and topped off with a 12 Cell High Capacity battery. WOW is all I can say. Now there is also the Q870 and Q880 laptops which jump in price from the $1200 to $1500 and then $1900! I want to know why I should pay an extra $700 for the Q880? Is the Solid State Drive even neccisary? Does it boost performance, and by how much? A back lit keyboard goes without saying but what about the i7 Quad Core Processor? Isnt the i5 that comes with the Q860 already so fast that programs are instantaneous? If you cannot go faster than instant, which you cant, then why even bother spending $300 extra to get to an i7 Quad? I do however understand while the Q860 and Q870 Models both contain 4GB DDR3 Memory, the Q880 Contains 6GB DDR3 Memory. Is this even necissary at all? Isnt 4GB DDR3 enough? In fact there is one point that makes the Q860 a better choice than the Q870 or Q880, and that is the battery life. A Quad core must eat the battery alive, meanwhile the i5 Dual is not much more powerful than your average i3, keeping batterly life above 3 hours. Basically what I am coming to is this: According to the reviews of new owners of the Q860, its supremely quick, executes programs instantly, and that the Solid State Drive on the Q880 only helps boot up and run time by 5%, so why buy the Q870 or Q880 at all? Are they just a waste of time and money? So HotHardware, could you please test the three laptops and see exactly just what we are paying for and if it is worth it?

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Seriously isnt somebody else wondering what you get for $700 more than you plan on paying for a system? I mean seriously, $700 goes a long way when not put into technology... its pretty important to me and I am sure $700 is important to other people as well...

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AKwyn replied on Tue, May 25 2010 3:13 PM

Depends on what you need. If you spend $300 more then you get a slightly faster system with some additional, entertainment related stuff that goes in a notebook like that. The $700 more one is a gaming notebook BTW. It's designed for speed (gamers love speed) and the SSD is absolutely necessary BTW. It makes programs (especially games) load faster.

It all depends on your needs, do you need some extra power, do you just need a notebook overall or do you want a notebook that can also game. Since I don't know what your needs are, I'm suggesting you go with the cheapest notebook that you suggested, or the $300 more one. Again I don't know.


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This site can help you make your decision.

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