ClamCase Turns Your iPad Into A Netbook

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News Posted: Sat, May 8 2010 6:42 PM
A ton of accessories have already emerged for Apple's iPad. Much likethe iDevices that came before it, there's no doubt that more iPadaccessories than you could possibly count will soon be out on themarket. One particular product that's coming this Fall lookssignificantly more interesting than the typical cases, sleeves andstands. It's called the ClamCase, and it might be the most genious iPadperipheral yet.

It looks a lot like a standard iPad case, but it functions as muchmore. It's a case, stand and a keyboard add-on, giving iPad owners alot more utility. Plus, once iPhone OS 4.0 OS 4.0 enables multi-tasking,having the keyboard may actually allow users to really get some seriouswork done. It opens just like a clamshell, and basically turns it intowhat appears to be a netbook. Of course, no mousepad is built-in, soyou'll still have to touch the screen to interact in that way. Still,it's an awesome alternative to cases that simply act as cases, but nopricing has been given yet. Check out the video below for a better ideaof what it'll accomplish.

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Try our leather cases as well: . Genuine leather, book style. (I work for Aligata).

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guywin replied on Sun, May 9 2010 8:04 AM

Check out the new iPad's App,

It's also works on regular PC - Firefox, Explorer and Safari browsers. will make your surfing experience a whole lot easier..

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So with this, you can turn your $850.00 iPad into a $300.00 Netbook?

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