Virgin Mobile Intros Rock-Bottom Mobile Plan, Sprint Plans New Pre-Paid Carrier

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News Posted: Thu, May 6 2010 2:32 PM
Sprint has been on quite the roller coaster ride over the past coupleof quarters, and while the latest one saw the company losing fewerpostpaid subscribers than they had in past quarters, the numbers stillweren't great. But over on the pre-paid side, things were different.Sprint has managed to stock up pre-paid subscribers, adding loads ofcustomers who prefer to pay more for a phone up-front and pay theirphone service month-by-month. The contract-free approach is definitelyappealing during uncertain times, and Sprint has plenty of options forpeople.

There's Boost Mobile, Assurance Wireless and Virgin Mobile, all ofwhich are now under Sprint's umbrella. Virgin Mobile continues to beone of the more popular choices out there for pre-paid customers, andnow it's about to get even cheaper to go that route. A new plan willgive customers unlimited Web surfing, texting, and e-mail for just $25per month, and that includes 300 voice minutes. Many people don't usethe voice end of their mobile plan nearly enough, so this option makesperfect sense for tweens who just text a lot. Another new option willboost those minutes to 1200 for $40/month, while unlimited everythinggoes for $60/month.

In other news, Sprint is gearing up to launch yet another pre-paidbrand, but they aren't yet saying what the name will be. This one willmarket to "middle-aged Americans who only use cellphones occasionallyto make calls." With an attractive plan like that one from VirginMobile, is it any surprise people are steering clear from 2-yearcontracts and going with the month-to-month option? If an Android phoneever heads to VM, watch for a mass exodus.
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If they have any phones that support tethering to a computer I may opt to go with this. I mean unlimited Web surfing, texting, and e-mail for just $25per month, and that includes 300 voice minutes. is fine for me, I rarely go over 100 minutes a month or 60 txts, but I'm often around 5Gb of data. $25 is way cheaper than what I pay now which is 2x that + taxes.

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