3G-Enabled JooJoo Tablet To Appear Within 3 Months

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News Posted: Sat, May 1 2010 9:27 PM
You could chalk it up to bad timing, or you could argue that Apple justhas more money to market their products with. Either way, the JooJooTablet from Fusion Garage hasn't seen the booming start we're sure it'screators had hoped for. Of course, it's one of the few (only?) tabletson the market that can fully handle Flash video, so at least that's onething it'll have that the iPad never will, right?

Oh, and now there's one other thing. On the same weekend in which theiPad 3G + Wi-Fi started shipping, along came word that a 3G version ofthe JooJoo is also in the works. The iPad utilizes AT&T's datanetwork via a new Micro-SIM card that's included with the iPad, butFusion Garage CEO (Chandra Rathakrishanan) has yet to confirm whichoperator(s) the JooJoo 3G will cooperate with. What's interesting hereis that Rathakrishanan has suggested that a 3G-enabled JooJoo will be"available through mobile operators rather than directly from thefirm," and if sold on with a data contract, that could lead to thedevice being cheaper (on contract) than a standard Wi-Fi only JooJoo.

Also, Fusion Garage won't take a cut of the monthly data bill, whichmight mean that a 3G JooJoo could arise for multiple carriers; Apple ispretty tight with AT&T, but Fusion Garage is free to play thefield. Another possibility is that users could install one of theirexisting 3G WWAN cards (USB) into the USB port on the JooJoo, and witha little tweaking of the Linux shell underneath, a 3G JooJoo could becreated from the existing Wi-Fi model.

As for a time frame? It will ship "within three months," which isn'tbad considering the money that Apple has to push development and thelack of funds that Fusion Garage has to toy with.
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realneil replied on Sun, May 2 2010 12:16 PM

Competition is good for us consumers. There's really no clue as to how well it works and it's feature's performance yet, but we'll know in time if it's a piece of Zit or not.

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