Cub Scouts Can Now Earn "Video Games" Merit Award: Finally, Justification!

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News Posted: Thu, Apr 29 2010 8:20 AM
Generations from now, our grandchildren will look back at 2010 andpinpoint this moment as one of the "ah ha!" moments of the 21stcentury. It'll be live the day the first television was shipped, or thefirst e-mail was sent. Maybe it will even be compared to the day thatBill Gates founded Microsoft or Apple shipped the Apple IIe. It'sprobably right up there with the invention of the mouse, the faxmachine or even the cellular telephone.

Yes, a new "Video Game" merit pin is up there with all of thosemilestones in our opinion, and it's exactly the ammunition that parentshave needed for years to coerce their lazy children into sticking withsomething that's greater than them in an effort to learn loads of lifelessons at a young age. The Boy Scouts of America is a solidfoundation, but it requires a lot of work and determination fromyoungsters who generally do anything they can to avoid just that. Forthose unfamiliar with the organization, young males work their way upthrough Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Webelos and eventually Boy Scouts,earning pins, belt loops and badges along the way to prove their hardwork.

This new "Video Games" pin is specifically designed for the first threeof those (so for the younger ones, before they hit the "Boy Scout"stage), and if they complete the tasks, they really will get to sport apin that looks like the one pictured here. There's no doubt this willalready be the envy of the troop, and we're guessing that it will bethe most earned pin of all time in just a decade or so.

Contrary to popular belief, the badge doesn't require you to actuallybe an outstanding gamer. No Gamertags are looked at, no trophy case isinspected. It really doesn't matter how many hours you log in XboxLIVE; you just have to be a good teacher. We'll admit to being somewhatdisappointed by the requirements here, but really it's hard to complainwith a Video Games pin, even if it's not as fun to earn as we hadhoped. At the very least, this proves that even Boy Scout leadersunderstand that video gaming isn't just a complete waste of life, andthat's likely to be good enough for some kids who are fighting to provethat very point to their strict parents. Below are the requirements toearn the Video Games belt loop and academics pin:

Belt Loop

Complete these three requirements:

   1. Explain why it is important to have a rating system for video games. Check your video games to be sure they are right for your age.
   2. With an adult, create a schedule for you to do things that includes your chores, homework, and video gaming. Do your best to follow this schedule.
   3. Learn to play a new video game that is approved by your parent, guardian, or teacher.

Academics Pin

Earn the Video Games belt loop and complete five of the following requirements:

   1. With your parents, create a plan to buy a video game that is right for your age group.
   2. Compare two game systems (for example, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, and so on). Explain some of the differences between the two. List good reasons to purchase or use a game system.
   3. Play a video game with family members in a family tournament.
   4. Teach an adult or a friend how to play a video game.
   5. List at least five tips that would help someone who was learning how to play your favorite video game.
   6. Play an appropriate video game with a friend for one hour.
   7. Play a video game that will help you practice your math, spelling, or another skill that helps you in your schoolwork.
   8. Choose a game you might like to purchase. Compare the price for this game at three different stores. Decide which store has the best deal. In your decision, be sure to consider things like the store return policy and manufacturer’s warranty.
   9. With an adult’s supervision, install a gaming system.

So, what kid will be first to earn it? We know the competitive nature will lead to an all-out war to achieve it first.
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While i like that they now can get a gamin badge, i still hate them for all the gay hatred and other crap they make little kids believe, they should be closed and join a proper scouts troop, that teaches real values to them.

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Zestia replied on Thu, Apr 29 2010 12:22 PM

The requirement seems very reasonable to me. What's more, I think most will have fun doing it. If I were a Tiger Cub I'd love to be the first to earn the merit pin.

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Dang i wish they had this when i was in cub scouts... it seems like a solid badge and belt loop... 

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At least they mention it having to be appropriate.  Just think about getting a Video Game pin with Grand Theft Auto :P

This would probably be the only thing that would influence me to join Cub Scouts

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RyuGTX replied on Thu, Apr 29 2010 5:08 PM

They should play a game that involves another activity to see if they can get two badges. Like play an archery game or something. lol

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