Forget Cash or Check

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kid007 Posted: Wed, Apr 28 2010 5:46 PM

If you owed me money I will swap your credit/debit card :)

pretty cool article love how technology are making us more efficient,

"Several of the companies have developed small credit card scanners that plug into a cellphone and for small fee enable any individual or small business to turn a phone into a credit card processing terminal. PayPal’s cellphone app calls for only a simple bump of two cellphones to transfer money. Apple has submitted a patent application for a cellphone payment system."


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AKwyn replied on Thu, Apr 29 2010 5:18 AM

Man, that is cool but it can be very useful.

No longer do you need to buy and set up a credit card scanner, you can just take out your cellphone and make a sale anywhere and any place and you ain't gotta find a telephone line to hook up the credit card scanner or enter the credit card information into your cellphone to make the sale, which could take forever.

Just think if you could sell anything anywhere and complete the deal anywhere using just a credit card and a cellphone, just imagine the possibilities.


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