Internet Addiction Hits Home: U.S. Students "Feel Withdrawals" When Disconnected

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News Posted: Sun, Apr 25 2010 4:04 PM
We've seen this problem before. Internet addiction has become a seriousissue in some of the more well-connected nations, with South Korea, theUK and even China setting up Internet addiction therapy clinics inorder to help people curb their use of the Web and re-connect with thereal humans around them. So far, there hasn't been too much talk of asimilar epidemic in the United States, but a new study is sheddinglight on what some would say is an obvious problem.

Today, U.S. college students are more connected than ever, withnear-everywhere Wi-Fi, always-on smartphones and a good excuse to beonline most of the day (studying, of course!). Researchers at theUniversity of Maryland surveyed 200 students, asking them to give upall media for 24 hours. Those who participated did just that, after thestudy found that a surprising amount of students "showed signs ofwithdrawal, craving and anxiety with an inability to function wellwithout their media and social links." In our opinion, this isn't allthat surprising.

Susan Moeller was chosen to lead up the study, and she found that manystudents "wrote about how they hated losing their media connections,which some equated to going without friends and family." The wild partis, most students know it, yet still can't shake it. With manyaddictions, admission is the first hurdle before kicking the habit;with the Internet, it seems different. Many people understand thatthey're addicted, but given the connected society in which we live,many never find a reason to change. One student stated that they were"clearly addicted, and the dependency is sickening," while otherssimply complained about their "need" to see text messages, instantmessages, e-mail and Facebook updates.

Many students even equate Internet addiction with comfort. One studentnoted that "texting and IM'ing friends gives them a constant feeling ofcomfort," and they felt "alone and secluded" whenever they were awayfrom a live Internet connection. Potentially more shocking was that fewstudents reported a desire to watch the TV news or read a newspaper; itwas the Internet or nothing.

So, is this the future of our generation? Are we destined to live infront of continually updated boxes? That's probably a bit extreme, butthere's no doubt that the danger of becoming addicted to the Internetis greater now than ever before.
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I think its nice to be off the grid every once in a while, No cell phone, no email, not electronics... its quite nice... 

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who the heck is this plzzshop026??

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There is no such thing as Addiction....Only Bad behavior!!

There is no such thing as Addiction....Only Bad behavior!!

There is no such thing as Addiction....Only Bad behavior!!

If you don't start something you cant get addicted to it! I am allergic to so many things that I know are tasty. Bananas, wine, nuts, shellfish, cantaloupe, shrimp. I could be addicted to them, yet I know they are bad for me so I stop eating them. SO yeah, give me another helping of crack, because I cant help it. When you must earn or steal to get something and then search it out, it is not an addiction.

If they really believe this is an addiction then just shut of the networks.

There has always been one very simple cure for any addiction, described by two words........STOP IT!

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realneil replied on Mon, Apr 26 2010 8:57 AM

I don't work at the SEC and I'm not surfing PORN either, so lay off of my internet!


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