Asus MS238H LCD Monitor Review

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News Posted: Fri, Apr 23 2010 1:07 PM
Asus MS238H LCD Monitor ReviewWhile we tend to get worked up into a frenzy over the latest DX11 graphics cards and get deep into the latest multi-core processor releases, displays get comparatively little bandwidth here. Maybe it's because it is much more difficult to definitively quantify which monitor is better than another using a standard benchmark. As a result, testing displays can be a subjective affair that is often far from conclusive. Although some reviews are helpful, shopping for a display is best done in person, to get a better feel for image quality, aesthetics, form factor, etc.

Today we're taking a look at a monitor that's part of a new trend sweeping the display market. No, we're not talking about 3D technology. The Asus MS238H is the first LCD monitor we've tested that features LED backlighting. This is basically the same technology found in the HDTV arena which makes displays thinner and lighter than ever before. LED back lit displays are so slim, they can be hung on walls like picture frames, eliminating the need for the heavy duty mounts that standard LCD products previously required.  Furthermore, the MS238H sports a 23" widescreen layout, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, 2 ms response time, and ring shaped stand that distinguishes it from every other monitor available. As an added bonus, this TN display panel carries an affordable asking price, and should make this monitor an intriguing option for mainstream consumers. But enough with the hype. Let's find out if the MS238H is a worthy candidate for your next upgrade purchase.

Asus MS238H LCD Monitor Review

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Inspector replied on Fri, Apr 23 2010 6:32 PM

I love the design on this monitor :D.

Also... Your page one listing the accessories and the specs/features chart say different things :). The chart says Power Cord, D-sub Cable, Cleaning Cloth,Cable Arrangement Link, Stand as the accessories but your paragraph says " But we think it would be even better if the bundle included a cleaning cloth to wipe down the monitor from time to time."

Also why don't they include a hdmi-hdmi cable? :D

Sucks that it can't be mounted on a wall mount or a stand.

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So the touch sensitive buttons always remain lit?
That would get kinda distracting when you work alot at night. With my ADD, I have  a hard enough time watching a movie with even the DVD panel lights running on the side! I couldn't imagine working through out the night with those buttons staring at me all the time. At that point in the article with the mounting options, my thought on the price was,... well maybe for $125?
Yet like most people have commented on here before, we want monitors will the smallest bezel possible. and having one that has a huge bottom, and lights staring at you all the time is kinda going backwards. Even if it has the absolute best picture.
Another issue I would have liked to see was no instep from the frame to the screen. In the first picture it looked nice and flat. But then I noticed in the side view it is like other screens. I would personally like one that has a solid front cover so we don't get dust buildup in those little cracks! Also if they could at least give us an option to have a timer on the front button illumination, and a mounting option? Then the price would sound palatable.
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