Nokia Delaying Symbian^3 Rollout, Not Dealing Well With Smartphone Competition

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News Posted: Fri, Apr 23 2010 4:52 AM
It's a tough world out there for anyone attempting to compete with HTC,Apple, Samsung and LG in the smartphone sector. Even for Nokia, who hasheld the overall market share lead from a worldwide perspective foryears now. Overseas, Nokia phones are everywhere, but they're becomingless and less common to see in America with other smartphones grabbingthe bulk of the mind and market share.

Recently, Nokia released the company's latest quarterly results, andmost of the news wasn't exactly rosy. The outfit cut their profitoutlet for the key phone unit, and it also lowered some phone prices ina bid to remain competitive in a space that is quickly putting Nokiabehind it. Many analysts have even said that the iPhone has put Nokiain a position where it could never really compete at the high-endsmartphone level, leaving just the mid- and low-range sectors tocompete in.

Another blow for Nokia is the delay of the next generation of theirSymbian software, Symbian^3. Previously, Nokia stated that it would beready for smartphones by Q2 of this year, but now, it won't be readyuntil Q3. That's after the next generation iPhone will purportedlylaunch, leaving Nokia in yet another awful position. Too little, toolate? Or maybe it's time for Nokia to throw in the smartphone towel andsimply focus on their bread-and-better, the low-end candybar, overseas.
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Wow, that looks like a really thin region for the keyboard.  Carpal tunnel anyone?

The  phone is nice, but that keyboard seems fishy.  But anyway, I think Nokia is really losing their place in this country, as stated in the article.  I find their quality to be poor and clearly they are having issues with what they are attempting to offer.

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They must have spent to much money getting their name in the Transformers movie. SO they didn't have enough to pay for the development of the OS.

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I haven't even considered touching a Nokia phone for... wow, I actually don't think I ever have. They just don't make any impressive phones. Granted, they make good 'Cheap' phones, but I never owned a cheap phone.

Where is my HTC Evo 4G Sprint?! Where where where!

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