Sony Brings 3D To Audio Realm With New Sound Bars And HT System

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News Posted: Wed, Apr 21 2010 8:23 PM
At this point, we'd say the 3D revolution is raging on in full force.In fact, it's getting a little bit out of control. It's clearly thebandwagon to be on in the home entertainment industry, and now Sony isexpanding the term to an area that has thus far remained clear of anytampering: audio. To be honest, we aren't sure we know what "3D audio"is, but we're guessing it has something to do with simulated surroundsound considering that it's supposed to be emitted from the company'sfirst 3D-capable sound bars.

The HT-CT350 and HT-CT150 3.1 channel sound bars are being introducedalongside the HT-SF470 5.1 channel home theater system, and obviouslySony is pretty proud of bringing "3D" to yet another realm. Brian Siegel,vice president of Sony's home audio and video business, said thefollowing: "Sony is the only company innovating in every stage of 3Dfrom creation to playback. Leveraging this depth of expertise andexperience allows the company todeliver the best 3D devices for an unequaled entertainment experience."

The new models feature 3D pass-through with HDMI repeater (three inputs/one output),and standby pass-through for audio and video devices connected viaHDMI. The 400 watt total system power (100 watts x 3 channels + 100watts subwoofer) HT-CT350 is designed to match Sony's 2010 BRAVIAtelevisions and includes a bracket that attaches it directly to anumber of 40 and above sets either via a wall mount or the table topstand. The HT-CT150 offers 340 watts of total system power (85 watts x 3channels + 85 watts sub) and features a design that matches Sony's 201032-inch BRAVIA HDTVs. Bothmodels support lossless linear pulse code modulation (LPCM) Blu-rayDisc audio via the HDMI input. They also feature BRAVIA Sync forcontrol of compatible devices from a single remote, Sony's DigitalMedia Port for iPod (iPod cradle sold separately) and two digitalaudio inputs (one coax and one optical).

The HT-CT350 40-inch sound bar system is available this May for about $400. The HT-CT150 32-inch sound bar system, also available this May, retails for about $300. The HT-SF470 surround sound system is available this June for about $550

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Inspector replied on Thu, Apr 22 2010 3:55 PM

Do we really need to advance to 3D THIS FAST? HDTV again is just catching on and comes along 3D TVs, now there is 3D sound systems??? No matter how fast these companies grow/advance with their products there won't be enough people to buy them cause of the cost. But i guess its just how things work, the more comes out now the cheaper it will get in the futrue? (Maybe... im not sure how these thing work Big Smile)

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There have been 3D sound systems your whole life Inspector.

With the THX systems developed for Star Wars, then the channel separations of Dolby Surround to Dolby Digital to DTS, then on to the EX and ES solutions and now the new Audyssey systems. They have been surrounding us with speakers since the 70's.

I like the HT-SF470, I have heard similar Sony systems like this and they sound good. I do believe that the sound bars are a gimmick that uses sound reflex technology similar to the Bose systems. I was never a believer in the the whole surround sound without the speakers actually surrounding you. I was amazed when the Bose systems took off. You can not get total immerse sound with tiny speakers. I think that highly compressed signals do deliver enveloping sound. They just happen to do it at a higher volume and will eventually cause more damage to the ears in the long run. SO if you want to save space in place of your hearing then go ahead.

Larger speakers give a greater range and smother transitions between the different levels. My Sister has the all Bose systems and they like to turn it up and believe that it is loud theatre sound. Yet I just have a hard time hearing anything after a movie. I have full floor standing speakers in a THX system and I can have the walls rattling and my hearing is much more comfortable during and after. Large good speakers and good equalized surround processing is essential, whether for movies or music.

The sound bars/ micro speakers may be good for apartments, but if you wish to have good Home theatre and still have your hearing in ten years. Get a fully balanced system. Even one like the HT-SF470 would be good for a small space.

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