Apple Reports Record Quarter, iPhone Sales Double

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News Posted: Wed, Apr 21 2010 11:52 AM
The fat cats at Apple have reason to celebrate, and we're not talking about the successful launch of the iPad. Not directly, anyway. The Cupertino gang turned in record financial results for Apple's fiscal 2010 second quarter ended March 27, 2010, at least for a non-holiday quarter.

Apple posted revenue of $13.60 billion and net quarterly profit of $3.07 billion, which works out to $3.33 per diluted share. That's a pretty sizable bump from one year ago when quarter profit sat at $9.08 billion and net quarterly profit at $1.62 billion, or $1.79 per diluted share.

"We're thrilled to report our best non-holiday quarter ever, with revenues up 49 percent and profits up 90 percent," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "We've launched our revolutionary new iPad and users are loving it, and we have several more extraordinary products in the pipeline this year."

One of those products will be the iPhone 4G, Apple's next generation smartphone that has been the center of tech talk in recent days after a prototype was left in a bar, purchased by Gizmodo, and thrust online for all the world to see. Pretty embarrassing, but unlikely to damage Apple's long term outlook. In fact, Apple said it sold 8.75 million iPhones in the quarter, which is a whopping 131 percent more than was sold one year ago.

The company also sold quite a few Macintoshes - 2.94 million to be exact, a rise of 33 percent over the same quarter one year ago. Only iPod sales noted a decline, however not by much. Apple said it sold 10.89 million iPods during the quarter, which is one percent less than a year ago.
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la_guy_10 replied on Wed, Apr 21 2010 1:12 PM

Ahhhhhh to be a shareholder of AAPL!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wish I would have got in about 5 years ago. You could almost retire if you put enough in what has Apple returned like 1200%?

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I believe Forest had Lieutenant Dan buy into some fruit company.

Then Dan used it to find an Asian bride:P

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rapid1 replied on Wed, Apr 21 2010 11:20 PM

I wonder what At&t's late adoption of 4G will do to the iPhone though. Since At&t is the latest to the party, even behind T-Mobile, and as of now no other cellular provider has the iPhone, what is the use of releasing a 4G phone?

It seems like asking for a spanking to me they may of course sell until people realize it does absolutely no good for it's projected use. The components seem a bit better in the device, but whats the use of having a 4G phone that can only operate at 3G speeds?

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Has apple started paying dividands again or are they still holding onto all the money?

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