Rightmark Introduces New Web Browser Benchmarking Tool: BrowserMark

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News Posted: Wed, Apr 14 2010 7:21 PM
Here's a confession: we have a soft spot in our hearts for Futuremark. We used their benchmarking tools religiously to test out new products, and overall, it all works great. Rightware was recently spun off from Futuremark, and today they're launching a much-needed new benchmarking service for mobile and embedded device browsing performance. Ever wanted to compare browsing performance between the iPhone, Nexus One, Wii, iPad and/or PS3? Now you can.

The new tool is called BrowserMark, and it's available in two versions. The free version does enough for most consumers who are just curious, while the corporate version enables device manufacturers to evaluate and choose better performing browsers for their products. And if you want to try it out today, you can. Just head to the download link noted in the full press announcement below and run a few tests of your own. You may be surprised at what you find out.

Rightware Debuts BrowserMark

Consumers will benefit from new information revealing substantial
performance differences between different browsers

Espoo, Finland - April 14, 2010. Rightware extends its benchmarking software
coverage to mobile and embedded device web browsers by today's launch of
BrowserMarkT. Rightware offers two versions of the product. Consumers can
check which browser is the best for them with the free version of the
benchmark, whereas the corporate version enables device manufacturers to
evaluate and choose better performing browsers for their products.

Consumers, as well as independent media and analysts, can immediately run
the test and see which browser performs the best with various devices. In
its internal testing, Rightware has determined that substantial performance
differences exist between different browsers for one and same device.
Consumers are advised to consider switching to faster performing browsers as
they can gain significant power saving benefits and obtain a better usage
experience. Rightware's BrowserMarkT is an independent and trustworthy guide
for them in this task.

"Given the exponentially increasing usage of internet via cell phones and
other handheld devices, we knew that the world needed an objective
performance comparison tool" says Tero Sarkkinen, CEO of Rightware. "With
BrowserMark, we're helping the industry develop better performing browsers
for their devices. Consumers reap the benefits in the form of more efficient
browsers that provide faster browsing experience."


BrowserMarkT is available immediately. To try the free version, simply visit
http://bit.ly/brmark with your device.

Companies interested in licensing the corporate version for advanced test
results, as well as private benchmark results database, are asked to send an
email to sales@rightware.com for detailed pricing and licensing information.

For more information about BrowserMarkT, go to

About RightwareT

RightwareT serves the mobile and automotive industries with KanziT solution
for rapid user interface design and deployment. Rightware also develops
industry leading system performance analysis tools. The world renowned
product portfolio includes 3DMarkRMobile for OpenGL ES 1.x and OpenGL ES
2.0, VGMarkR for OpenVG 1.x, and SPMarkR platform benchmark for Symbian,
Android, Windows Mobile, Linux and mobile Java. Rightware is headquartered
in Espoo, Finland and has office in Shanghai.
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Inspector replied on Wed, Apr 14 2010 11:42 PM

:D i just tried this tool out. its fun to watch :D... I got a 24550 for a iphone 3gs safari and 114935 for my pc... :D lol(Now its time for them to have more browsers for the iphone so i can try them all :P lol.

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This is interesting, although I don't really have much need for knowing how fast any of my browsers go.

I did follow the links, and thanks to you guys. It finally lead me to a good benchmark tester :)

I always wondered what I should use to find out how the hardware is working.

It seems like most of these are set up for testing gaming PC's. I have an order in for an FP8700 that should be here around next week. I would like to test my current system and after, to see the performance and integration of the new card. I know 3D Max has a Hardware scoring system and right now I am at around a 3.2, which is fairly better that the minimum required.

Which leads me to this question. Through all your Hardware knowledge, what would you recommend for testing workstations?

I would like to know how much horsepower I gain with each upgrade:)

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Special thanks to HotHardware.com!
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digitaldd replied on Thu, Apr 15 2010 2:39 PM

Device not supported here.

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