FLO TV Plans To Add On-Demand Content And Time-Shifted Viewing

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News Posted: Tue, Apr 13 2010 10:18 AM
Mobile TV is still a growing technology in the U.S. People haven't had time to decide whether or not they're interested, and it's still available in just a few select markets. But to say it's going away anytime soon would probably be taking things too far. FLO TV, by Qualcomm, is pushing itself as the go-to mobile TV technology, and if the Super Bowl commercials didn't convince you, maybe the new innovations will.

Announced this week at NAB 2010, Qualcomm stated that they are "working to enhance its mobile TV service with new applications that integrate video with Web-based content and social media tools." It's no surprise to hear of these changes; more and more users are watching content through unconventional means, and more and more are Tweeting while the watch. The next big things for FLO TV include on-demand content (right now it's live only) and time-shifted viewing, which users have been enjoying for years on standard at-home DVRs. The full list of incoming updates are below--are these enough to make you shell out monthly for a TV service that only works in select areas? Maybe if FLO TV could bundle this in with basic cable packages, they'd have a much better value proposition...

In addition to integrated experiences, FLO TV announced an expandedsuite of mobile TV services, including interactive capabilities,pay-per-day and event passes, and time-shifted viewing options.  Thenew features will be available on the FLO TV™ service across a range ofmobile devices in the second half of 2010.  New service applicationswill include:

  • Interactivefeatures that will enable users to interact with programming andadvertising, allowing consumers to click for more information about ashow or click to buy an advertised product.
  • Pay-per-day passesdesigned to offer pay-as-you-go flexibility, providing consumers theability to watch the FLO TV service without committing to a recurringmonthly subscription.  Event passes will provide an easy way forexisting FLO TV subscribers to add premium content such as limitedengagement, special events to their programming lineup.
  • Time-shiftedviewing, or 'catch-up TV,' that will allow popular shows to be storedon FLO-enabled mobile devices, thereby granting viewers the ability towatch their favorite shows on-demand, even outside of a coverage area.

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I still remember all the people rushing out to buy the new Beta Players, to replace those big VHS tapes. This is just like in the wild when the weak are prayed upon.

To me this only seems like a software issue? With all the net connected devises, Smartphones and I-touch, and Slate PC's I am sure this will be an add-on app.! That is either integrated into the new FIOS or AT&T services giving you home TV, that you can use the same connection on the go. Or, a downloadable application from those services, allowing you to take your service on all your portables :)

Then again, I hear some people still pay for Tivo service :O

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RyuGTX replied on Tue, Apr 13 2010 11:22 PM

If I really wanted to watch TV on the go, I would get a SlingBox and view the content on my phone and/or laptop.

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