MSI Joins the Fermi Party, Launches N480GTX/N470GTX

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News Posted: Mon, Mar 29 2010 1:10 PM
Perhaps by now you've heard that Nvidia has officially launched a little thing it likes to call Fermi  which is only the company's next-gen graphics architecture and currently the fastest single-GPU 3D accelerator on the planet. Fermi parts won't actually ship until early April, but already we're seeing a deluge of product announcements, the latest of which comes from MSI.

On tap from MSI is the N480GTX-M2D15 and N470GTX-M2D12 videocards, or as we like to call them, GTX 480 and GTX 470 in MSI trim. Like every other Fermi-based card slated for release, these two parts both sport a 40nm GPU. The N470GTX-M2D12 ships with a 607MHz core clockspeed along with 1280MG of GDDR5 memory clocked at 3348MHz (effective). The N480GTX-M2D15, meanwhiles, boasts a 700MHz core and 1336MB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 3696MHz (effective).

The cards also support MSI's Afterburner overclocking software with voltage adjustment and burn-in functions. And while MSI while doesn't back their cards with a lifetime warranty like a handful of competitors do, they're one of the few companies who haven't adopted registration and proof-of-purchase hoops to jump through when filling out an online RMA.
MSI launches the next-gen top gaming graphic card series - N480GTX/N470GTX
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Taipei-Taiwan?Urged over and again until it appeared! In order to fulfill the demand for extreme 3D performance of hardcore gamers, internationally renowned motherboard and graphic card brand- manufacturer MSI launched today the long expecting premium graphic cards N480GTX-M2D15 and N470GTX-M2D12. Both models are built with the latest 40µm GPU coded Fermi from NVIDIA. Along with the advanced GDDR5 graphic memory, military class components, and the MSI-exclusive Afterburner overclocking software for voltage adjustment to increase performance up to 15%, these graphic cards can absolutely bring gamers to experience the unprecedented extreme performance!

Additionally, both N480GTX-M2D15 and N470GTX-M2D12 support the latest DirectX 11 and 3D drawing standard of Microsoft and the 3D Vision Surround and PhysX technologies exclusively from NVIDIA to deliver true 3D gaming experience. Also, consumers can get a CAPCOM 3-in-1 coupon to download one of the following games for free: Street Fighter IV, Dark Void and Resident Evil 5 in order to enjoy the 3D gaming effect beyond their imagination with the 3D glasses and screen.

Support MSI Afterburner's exclusive Voltage Adjustment and Burn-in Functions 
In order to deliver optimal performance, the N480GTX-M2D15 and N470GTX-M2D12 support the Afterburner overclocking software exclusively from MSI. Apart from the common GPU and memory clock adjustment, the Afterburner is equipped with the GPU voltage adjustment feature to enhance the potential of GPU overclocking. The Kombustor burn-in program allows users to find the optimal overclocking extreme. With just a few simple procedures, users can easily enhance the graphic card performance to enjoy the ecstasy of overclocking.

3D Vision Surround, CUDA and PhsyX exclusively from NVIDIA
Built with NVIDIA's latest 40µm Fermi GPU, the N480GTX-M2D15 and N470GTX-M2D12 can fully support the 3D Vision Surround and PhysX technologies exclusively from NVIDIA to display special effects in 3D games. With the CUDA technology, the GPU can share the CPU computing workload in the presence of software support for graphic cards to significantly enhance the performance of entertainment and general computing.

Ultra-stable Military Class Components
In order to ensure product stability, both N480GTX-M2D15 and N470GTX-M2D12 are equipped with various military class components, such as Hi-c CAP, All Solid CAP, and SSC (Solid State Choke), to significantly enhance system stability and maintain operation stability and extend product life even in a high-loading environment. Also, the SSC that eliminates the high frequency noise in traditional chokes is a thoughtful design integrating stability and silence; thus adding credits to the products.
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la_guy_10 replied on Mon, Mar 29 2010 3:26 PM

This is a nice well respected company here as they have been around many many years. Also the after-burner software they have is a selling point. I once owned a MSI motherboard so I can attest to their quality. From reading the article looks like they are still using quality capacitors and such throughout their components good work MSI.

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Inspector replied on Mon, Mar 29 2010 4:08 PM

More and more great companies join the party! its just a great sight to see this all happening! i haven't used msi products before but i can see they are doing a great job.

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I had an MSI 8800 GTS and it was the most OCable card I've ever got to play with. Can't remember the initial core clock speed, but do recall being able to bump it up 118mhz.

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RyuGTX replied on Mon, Mar 29 2010 5:54 PM

I own and MSI card and I love it for the great after market heatsink/fan they slapped on it. Ran much better and cooler than the stock version.


I like how they don't require registration or proof of purchase when submitting an RMA. Therefore, you should be able to buy/sell your MSI card and the limited warranty will transfer with the card as well. The only problem with this method that MSI employs is that they start the warranty according the to manufacture date of the card. Just something to be aware of when buying a slightly old card. Shouldn't be a problem with new cards like the GTX 480 and 5870 as those seem to be bought up quickly and therefore don't sit in inventory for a long time.

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I dont think I have owned a MSI card since my old K7N2 Delta Athlon XP motherboard.

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I've never had the chance to own an MSI card but I hear nothing but good things about them. They seem like a well respected branch, one day when I'm loaded with cash I'd like to test their lineup. 

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Yeah these may be all cool for gaming and stuff!

But where are the Tesla's!

Lets see ya bring those bad boys out and SLI-watercool them.

Then we can see what your really made of!

PS: MSI...Good :)

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