T-Mobile Upgrades 3G Service

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News Posted: Wed, Mar 24 2010 5:14 PM
While most wireless carriers are touting their 4G plans at the CTIA trade show, T-Mobile is focusing on its 3G network. The company unveiled plans to upgrade its 3G service to High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) technology. HSPA+ will give customers faster data speeds than today's 3G network. By the end of this year, T-Mobile plans to have deployed HSPA+ across the breadth of its 3G footprint and cover more than 100 metropolitan areas and 185 people with the upgraded service.

T-Mobile to Rollout the Nation’s Fastest 3G Wireless Network with HSPA+ to More than 100
Metropolitan Areas in 2010

T-Mobile delivers home broadband-like experiences on-the-go when surfing the web,
accessing multimedia features, sharing content and more

3/23/2010 - LAS VEGAS & BELLEVUE, Wash.--Today at International CTIA Wireless 2010, T-Mobile USA, Inc., showcased the nation’s fastest 3G wireless network on its latest mobile broadband devices. The company unveiled plans to upgrade its national high-speed 3G service to the High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) technology, which will deliver customers data speeds faster than the current 3G network technology1. By the end of 2010, T-Mobile expects to have HSPA+ deployed across the breadth of its 3G footprint, covering more than 100 metropolitan areas and 185 million people.

“And the great thing about T-Mobile’s 3G network evolution is its backward compatibility — most of our 3G smartphones will deliver a better mobile Web experience. Customers don’t have to spend money on a device upgrade, which is a rarity in consumer electronics.”

T-Mobile hosted live demonstrations of the home broadband-like HSPA+ data speeds on a variety of products including the new Dell™ Inspiron™ Mini 10 with T-Mobile® webConnect™ — T-Mobile’s first netbook — which launches March 24 online and in T-Mobile stores in select markets.2

“Consumers want a mobile broadband experience that’s easy and as good as their connection at home on the best wireless devices available,” said Neville Ray, senior vice president of engineering and operations for T-Mobile USA. “This year T-Mobile will upgrade its national 3G network to HSPA+ which will support faster speeds and give customers a superior wireless data experience when they access their mobile social network, stream videos or share content. T-Mobile’s network is primed to deliver the speeds that today’s data users crave.”

T-Mobile successfully launched its HSPA+ network service in Philadelphia last fall providing customers access to one of the fastest and most modern wireless networks in the U.S. T-Mobile now has made HSPA+ commercially available in new markets including major areas of New York City, New Jersey, Long Island and suburban Washington, D.C., with deployment in Los Angeles coming very soon.

The company will continue to aggressively expand the availability of HSPA+ in additional 3G markets, putting the necessary backhaul capacity in place to support the very fast speeds. Today, its 3G high-speed data network covers more than 206 million people.

T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is outperforming competing 3G wireless networks with speeds up to three times faster. Blazing fast actual peak download speeds3 were demonstrated today in Las Vegas using both new and current mobile broadband devices, including the T-Mobile webConnect Rocket™ USB Laptop Stick, the first HSPA+ capable device from a national U.S. wireless carrier; the Dell Inspiron Mini 10; the HTC HD2; the Motorola CLIQ XT™ and the T-Mobile myTouch® 3G.

“The webConnect Rocket and Dell Inspiron Mini 10 are the latest mobile broadband products that deliver real customer benefits with faster speeds available today,” said Cole Brodman, chief technology and innovation officer for T-Mobile USA. “And the great thing about T-Mobile’s 3G network evolution is its backward compatibility — most of our 3G smartphones will deliver a better mobile Web experience. Customers don’t have to spend money on a device upgrade, which is a rarity in consumer electronics.”

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 with T-Mobile webConnect

T-Mobile’s newest mobile broadband product, the Dell Inspiron Mini 10, features built-in access to T-Mobile’s 3G network, Windows® 7 — Microsoft Corp.’s latest operating system — and the Intel® Atom™ processor N450 for easy Web surfing, instant messaging, e-mail, social networking, photo sharing and superb multimedia playback in one small, ultra-portable device. The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is small and lightweight, weighing just three pounds, and its integrated six-cell battery easily provides up to eight hours of continuous usage. The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 also comes preloaded with T-Mobile’s webConnect Manager software to help customers manage usage and connections, including connecting to T-Mobile’s 3G network, Wi-Fi and access to thousands of T-Mobile HotSpot network locations nationwide.

Pricing and Availability

The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 will be available tomorrow nationwide online at http://www.t-mobile.com and in T-Mobile retail locations in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Miami for $199.99 with two-year contract and qualifying webConnect data plan.

For more information about T-Mobile’s webConnect family of products, including the webConnect Rocket and Dell Inspiron Mini 10, please visit http://www.t-mobile.com/webconnect.

3G coverage is not available everywhere. For more information about T-Mobile’s 3G services, mobile broadband products, device features, or the offers and services mentioned, see http://www.t-mobile.com.
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I owned a T-Mobile Once....ONCE....!

It is kinda good to see them making a comeback. Not really sure if they ever went anywhere in the first place. Their whole customer/area service and phone choices always kinda left me felling? ...Indifferent?

This and other networks that haven't become to big, like the big 3. Are the ones I would like to see lead the charge towards an all encompassing service at a reasonable rate? I just hope they don't try and go out of their way with trying to compete with the others with Netbooks, and many of the other flash in the pants devices we see so much of today.

Do one thing,..Do it right...and people will always come back! If they stick to just a few products that everyone needs, and do them well. I am certain their reputation will rise faster than the other ones who spend to much time and money hiring actors to do battle in expensive commercial slots during the Superbowl :P

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